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The Human Energy Field, Your Aura and Vibrational Essences

The Human Energy Field, Your Aura and Vibrational Essences

The Lightbody / MerKaBa / Aura / Energy Field

As human beings, we have a physical body which we can all see with the eyes. In Reiki this corresponds to the element of Earth. We also have subtle energy bodies extending out from the physical body which can be seen by clairvoyants and healers. This is why we can be affected by other people’s energy and sense thoughts and feelings in a room.

The emotional, or etheric body extends about an inch out from our physical body. This corresponds to the element of Water, and is where we store our feelings, intuition, and past emotional trauma. If you hold you hand an inch off your body you should be able to feel it. It is also the easiest layer of the aura to see.

The mental body extends about one to three inches out from the physical body and corresponds to the element of Fire in Seichem Healing. Giving energy healing to the mental body can help to clear thought patterns and limiting beliefs, purifying the mind from dross and bringing clarity in thinking.

The spiritual body extends further out than the mental body. Some healers and meditators have a vast spiritual body as they practise extending their energy out. In Seichem Healing we relate the spiritual body to Air /Angelic Light. These are the basic “four bodies” however some systems divide our subtle bodies into seven.

The Chakras are spinning “wheels” or vortices of energy along the central channel, which runs along the centre line of the body. They are like whirlpools of energy as the life-force flows through our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies.

There is more to us than a physical body, we are electromagnetic beings, and our DNA actually emits Light. The physical body is simply a slower vibration of the frequency of our whole being. It is also the vehicle of our Soul and Spirit on earth.

This is why vibrational healing and energy medicine are so effective. Vibrational healing uses colour, sound, light, numbers, sacred geometry, aromas and subtle essences to shift our vibrations into more harmonious ones. When you begin to affect the subtle bodies, like a ripple effect, it filters down to the physical body. Energy medicine such as Reiki and energy healing treat the person as a whole energetic being, with the aim of encouraging a balanced and unhindered flow of life-force through their entire system. Subtle Aromatherapy brings harmony and peace as it works on the limbic system, directly affecting mood and emotions, and cleansing all the layers of the aura.

So why do we get so affected by other people’s moods, thoughts and feelings? The truth is, we are all connected. If you are an Empath, you have a heightened sensitivity in your feeling centre, the Solar Plexus. Without knowledge of this, it can literally feel like people are attacking your belly with their negative feelings and emotional energy. It can be very confusing until you learn how to master it.

As an empath, it is important to protect your energy field daily, so that you do not feel hurt, confused or overwhelmed by other people’s energies. There are various ways of doing this.

Techniques for protecting your Aura /Energy field

  • Centre yourself in your heart. Affirm “I connect my heart to the Heart of Source”

  • Visualise yourself standing in a shower of white light, sparkling white light of pure Source energy from the Creator of All. It washes away all negativity, blocked or stagnant energy, any attachments from others

  • Now visualise this light forming an egg shaped bubble around you. If you like, you can surround it in a layer of pure gold

  • Call upon Archangel Michael to surround you in his bright blue cloak of light. Royal blue, imagine it surrounding you, protecting your energy so that only Love and Light may pass. Request that it surrounds you all day, and call on Archangel Michael whenever you feel you need protection

  • You may use an Aura Spray before you go out, after travelling on public transport or working in a busy environment, before meditating, and before a healing or reading. You can also use it to cleanse your space and raise the vibrations wherever you are

Aura Sprays are subtle essences that are designed to transform the vibrations of your aura into a naturally harmonious state. The essential oils have beautiful healing frequencies, affecting your mood and emotions, uplifting your mind and clearing any discordant energies in your aura. They also carry the vibrations of crystals and meditation, and the particular angel or frequency they contain. So you can choose the sprays that best suit your needs – or simply the ones you are drawn to!

Aura Sprays can help with your spiritual development as an aid to meditation; there is a spray for each chakra so you can work with a chakra that needs strengthening or protecting, to help you come back into balance. For example, if you find yourself taking on the energies of others, the Solar Plexus spray is a good one to work with. If you need assistance in getting into a meditative state, choose a higher chakra like the Crown or Soul Star. Or if its grounding you need, choose Earth Star or Base Chakra. Archangel Michael helps to protect your aura and strengthen the Throat chakra for clear communication, and there are a range of sprays attuned to Angels and Masters, to align you with higher frequencies as you go about your day.

Remember, the more you strenthen your energy field, the less you will be affected by your environment, and the more you will be able to radiate love out to others around you.

Peace and Love

Katy Keel 16.05.2017

Katy is the creatrix of Flower of Life Aura Sprays, which can be purchased from the Soul Radiance shop.

Katy qualified as a Holistic Aromatherapist with Tisserand in 2000, then went on to become a Reiki and Seichem Master, Crystal Healer and Meditation Guide, and she combines all this knowledge when she creates the Aura Sprays. The blends are created with insight and intuition, charged up with crystals under the full moon, blessed and meditated on, and infused with angelic healing vibrations.

12 Chakra Aura Sprays by Flower of Life Aromatics

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