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Dancing in Harmony: Why Energy Healing works

Energy healing works because everything is energy. Scientists agree that everything is energy; the atomic world as we know is 99.9% empty space, and light photons can appear as waves or particles according to the observer. Our world isn't really solid. It is a dance of energy and light, creating myriad rainbow illusions. It is a play of sound creating frequencies and harmonics. It is a pulse, a heartbeat, a quickening.

When we are able to perceive our body as a microcosm of the universe, containing stars, planets and galaxies, and dancing photons of light, then the concept of energy healing is easy to accept. We are not separate from the air around us, it too is made up of atoms. The atoms of air dance with the atoms of our skin, as we move through space, walking on the ground, our feet vibrationally connecting deep into the earth. When we walk barefoot on the earth, an actual physical exchange takes place. This is why earthing is a healing practice. The stars above our heads are not separate from us, they are part of our larger body, and when we practise expanding our consciousness as big as the sky we realise this. Being confined in rooms makes us feel small. Walking on tarmac streets, with tall buildings obscuring the sky, can tend to make us forget our expanded nature.

When I practise expanding into all that is, I like to think of myself and other people as starry galaxies, connected in the eternal cosmic dance. The stars in me are connected to the stars in you. We move in the same void. We are all swimming in the cosmic ocean, the infinite creative life force of all that is. We can all pause – breathe – and connect to that limitless creative power. The power that creates atoms and energy creates everything we know. The power that is love, peace, compassion, oneness. The power that is truth and wholeness. This is the power we tap into for healing. As sparks of the divine essence we can each of us tap into this creative power and intend healing to happen. It is our birthright. Nobody owns it; nobody has the monopoly on it and it's important to remember this.

At the quantum level, reality has many possibilities. What we currently perceive is a limited band of perception. The Tibetans speak of our reality being defined by our karmic vision, like a TV being tuned to different channels. As our karmic vision ascends, we elevate to a higher version of reality. The more we remove the filters, the more we open up to the truth and the limitless nature of reality. All our mindsets, preconceived notions, prejudices and opinions are filters on our reality. Through rose coloured spectacles everything is rosy. Through emerald glasses, we believe we are in the Emerald City, which is not really green at all. Inner conflict and turmoil will will cloud up our vision and reflect negativity back at us like dirt on a lens. The hall of mirrors is full of infinite distortions; the surface of a swimming pool turbulent and chaotic, until everyone leaves the pool, and it becomes a clear mirror once again. Turbulence is an illusion. Within us, the clear mirror is always there.

In an energy healing, we are connecting to the quantum field and asking for the imbalance to be recreated at the quantum level in the optimum way, whether it is an injury, physical trauma, sickness, emotional imbalance or thought pattern. When you get right down to the unified field, it is easy to imagine the starry atoms being reordered by the cosmic comb or the hand of the great creator, and harmony being restored. You do not need to ask for things to be fixed or healed, simply recreated. When you believe this is possible, then you are ready. Energy can always be transformed or recreated. In each moment, it is up to us to be the transformation. Whenever frustration, pain, anger or fear threaten to overcome us, we can choose to offer up these emotions to the great creative power to be reordered at the cosmic level, into pure unconditional love. This is the moment by moment energy healing we can practise on ourselves. Intention is key. Just trust, let go, and let God.

Every day, we can get sucked into the illusion of the world, the illusion of matter and dense emotions, and fare like a leaf in a hurricane. Or we can choose to see beyond the illusion, beyond our karmic vision, to the starry galaxies and infinite space of the great unified field. Remember that everything is energy, and everything moves according to natural and spiritual laws. We are a part of the infinite creative force, and anything is possible. Do we choose to dance in harmony? Surrendering to existence, we allow ourselves to expand and unite with limitless unconditional love. This is true healing.

Katy Keel 24.02.2016

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