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New Moon in Leo 19 August - Your Sovereign Rebirth

This New Moon occurs at 02.41 UT on Wednesday 19 August 2020, at 26° Leo.

This lunation is a reset and release after the powerful Lions Gate season we have just come through, and the Full Moon in Aquarius two weeks ago. It is time to take stock of the last month, look at what has happened in your life, and integrate the energies and light codes you have received.

Energies were extremely heightened as we connected with Sirius under the sign of Leo. This was an opportunity to align with your sacred dreams for the new earth. This New Moon is a point of release that allows you to birth yourself anew, according to the states of being you touched on the Lions Gate.

Much is happening in these tumultuous times, on a personal, collective and world level. The intensity of the fire creates large looming shadows, and these will naturally arise in the dark moon and new moon phase. Do not feel despondent if fears and anxieties are playing on your mind. They are simply being cleansed from your energy field, as you allow yourself to be reborn in the fixed fire of Leo, the inward moving fire that illuminates the heart.

The Sun and Moon in Leo are trining Mars in Aries. This enables our actions to propel us forwards, in a swift and flowing motion. Spontaneous, joyful, impulsive responses work in your favour now. The heart knows what it wants. Allow this active energy to drive you forwards in bold new beginnings for your life. Don’t let fear and doubt hold you back.

The Leo New Moon is a Sovereign Rebirth. You are being reborn as the King or Queen, the eternal Sovereign of yourself. Connect with the Leonine energy, that natural strength and agility, that feeling of having nothing to prove, the beautiful, joyful, playful, creative, effortless power of the lion beings.

The Sun and Moon are in quincunx to Saturn, so you may encounter certain karmic consequences around this time. Events going on around you may be annoying, ugly, testing and provoking. These are some loose ends that need tying up, some energy you need to reconcile, or a delayed form of healing you now need to pay attention to. Everything must be put in order to achieve Divine Balance. Remember to live as a Sovereign and act as a Sovereign. You need not be defeated by this.

On this New Moon, connect to the spark of the divine within your heart. Feel this spark, this fire, this flame. This is God, Goddess, the Divine. Ask yourself, what does this spark want to create? How does this spark want to manifest its divinity? How does this spark want to play?

Leo is the sign of the Sacred Heart. The Heart contains all simplicity, all humility, all wisdom. Strip everything back to its core essence. Love, awaken, and create anew. If anything threatens your sacred sovereign divinity, be like the Lion /Lioness. Roar. Roar like thunder. Roar like Sekhmet. Manifest the pure, raw, sacred power of your authentic self.

New Moon Blessings

Katy Sophia 19.08.2020

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