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New Moon in Cancer 20 July 2020 - Transform, Release, Let Go

This New Moon occurs on Monday 20 July at 17.32 UT at 28 degrees Cancer. It is the second new moon in Cancer, after the Summer Solstice Solar Eclipse at 0 degrees Cancer.

We are being asked to release and begin again, letting go even more deeply of past occurrences so that we can start afresh. This is a new beginning for home and family life, as many changes have impacted people’s lives in the last few months. With the strong oppositions to Capricorn, a profound rebalancing of home and business must occur.

We are being asked to connect ever more deeply with the feeling world, intuition and emotional sensitivity, which are ruled by the Moon. It doesn’t matter what you may believe the Moon to be, the fact is it affects us on a daily and monthly basis so we work with it. The Moon governs dreams, visions and heightened sensitivity, so pay attention to these. You will receive insights and signs as needed. People ruled by the Moon are known to be moody, as the Moon is constantly changing her mood and phases. We can learn to be at home in this shifting landscape.

This New Moon is characterised by intense oppositions of the Sun and Moon to Jupiter, Pluto and Saturn. This will provoke and bring out all kinds of events and triggers. The opposition to Saturn is exact, which can bring a tendency to focus on lack and hardships. Remember to go with the flowing energy of water, so that you do not block your abundance. Sun and Moon opposite Jupiter can bring sudden good fortune and opportunities, so keep your energies high and be aware of your surroundings and connections. Sun and Moon opposite Pluto brings out the shadow, the fears, anger, hopelessness and control aspects. It is very intense to have this triple opposition, so focus on transforming, releasing and letting go, and opening to new possibilities. This is a very healing lunation.

The Sun and Moon are in loose trine to Neptune in Pisces, which brings the assistance of spirit when we meditate, connect and shift into 5D. We wont find the answers by going through a 3D thinking process. This trine will help us to process the energies of this moon, by looking to the big picture and divine galactic assistance.

Mars and Chiron are conjunct in Aries, which is bringing out the collective wounding in the area of anger, aggression, abuse, rash impulsive actions, and uncontrolled unbalanced male energy. The wounds of Mars need acknowledging, cooling and balancing.

On this New Moon, we are being asked to come into the heart, and follow our innate guidance as to what the right course of action is for ourselves and the collective. We are not “Martian” entities who live to be wired up to technology becoming fodder for AI. We must come into the heart and steer clear of the artificial, anti-life agendas which clearly have no basis in reality. The best life is a natural life, living close to nature and not taxing the Earth. The entire cosmos, the Moon and Stars, the earth, minerals, the trees, plants, humans and animals are all intrinsically connected. All that is anti-life must eventually cave in on itself and implode, having no basis in the natural order of the Cosmos.

We call upon Ma’at, we call upon the Great Mother, to restore the natural order and balance of life on this planet.

New Moon Blessings

Katy Sophia 20.07.2020

Artwork: Selene by AuroraEventide

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