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Jupiter enters Pisces 13 May - Freedom, Expansion, Abundance

The planet Jupiter has entered Pisces, the sign it co-rules with Neptune. Jupiter was the ruler of Pisces until Neptune was discovered in 1946, and now is considered its mundane ruler, meaning that it affects us on more of a day-to-day level than far-out Neptune.

So Jupiter and Neptune are both in Pisces right now, at 0° and 22°. This is a very powerful and exciting time. The qualities of this sign will be brought out more strongly, especially when Jupiter and Neptune are transiting your natal planets.

Jupiter the gas giant is the planet of abundance, expansion, benevolence, joy, and good fortune; and is strong in the sign of Pisces. It magnifies the beautiful Piscean qualities of imagination, compassion, dreaming, wisdom, creativity, vision and soulful expression.

If you have a dream or vision, go all out for it, and you might be surprised how far the energy carries you. The buoyant qualities of faith and optimism are strong. With enhanced intuition and soul connection, expect soul family to appear in your life at the perfect time. Listen for guidance and messages and go with the flow.

Jupiter will retrograde back into Aquarius on 28 July, where it will remain until December. Then it will be back into Pisces twice more until the end of 2022.

Although Jupiter has entered Pisces, bringing an amplification of spiritual energy, visions and dreams; right now we are in eclipse season, and about to go into Mercury retrograde. That means things are extra intense. During the build-up to an eclipse, emotions may brew up and reach boiling point. The lunar eclipse on 26 May is in Sagittarius, so the focus is on the Gemini Sagittarius axis leading up to the full moon. Issues of communication, wisdom and truth may emerge; rejecting out-dated thinking, and longing for freedom. Expect explosions of honesty, and standing for the truth at all costs. This fire moon is ruled by Jupiter, so it will be extremely powerful.

The new moon solar eclipse on 10 June is in Gemini, conjunct Mercury in the middle of its retrograde cycle. This signifies a deep renewal of the way we communicate, literally taking the energy back inside ourselves and finding a completely new mode of expression. Mercury will turn direct a day after the Summer Solstice, in time for the full moon in Capricorn on 24 June.

So pay attention to the signs, and follow your deep guidance. Truth and authenticity are key. There is a deep longing for freedom, and for our true soulful expression as divine beings going through the ascension. There is an overwhelming feeling that the human spirit cannot be contained, swelling up with the power of a tsunami and bursting through false confines, rejoicing in exuberance, celebrating as Life expressing Life.

We are freedom. We are life.

Katy Sophia 13.05.2021

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