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July Energies – Entering the Lions Gate

Updated: Jul 4, 2023

Welcome to the month of July, with its powerful shifting ascension frequencies, as we enter the light of Sirius and move towards the Lions Gate.

The Sun is in Cancer, the ancient sign of the mother and child, the sign of the original incarnation into human consciousness. We are navigating the emotional waters, and learning to hold sway over this domain. The first step in ascension is to manage your own emotions, and not let them control you. Emotional intelligence is vital in order to truly live as human beings.

We are building towards the Full Moon in Capricorn on 3 July, the moon of consolidation and manifestation. Capricorn is the most mystical sign, and it reveals how much we have turned to spirit in this life. How much do your material trappings confine you? How much do your material goals limit you, and restrict your spiritual progress?

The Cancer Capricorn axis speaks of family and tradition, mother and father archetypes, strength, stability, leadership, authority and preservation of the past. Cancer and Capricorn also speak of the cycles of incarnation; involution and evolution; and full embodiment of your Divine nature.

On 7 July we have the Sun Sirius conjunction, leading to the heliacal rising of Sirius as the Great Star of Isis begins to rise just before the sun. At this time each year, our Sun aligns with Sirius, and the portal opens to the higher frequencies of our home star. The Sirian energies begin to rise, flooding the earth with ascension frequencies as we enter the Lions Gate between 26 July – 12 August. The Giza gateway is activated, and we have the opportunity to elevate our consciousness and embody more of our light.

On 10 July Mars enters Virgo and the collective masculine energy becomes more grounded, precise and analytical. This is a time of discernment and focused planning, as the Divine masculine enters a time of humility, simplicity and sincerity.

Mercury enters Leo on 11 July, and communications move from being reactive and feelings focused, to expressive and flamboyant. This energy is good for creativity; however egos could clash in the no holds barred fixed fire of Leo.

On 12 July the collective North Node changes sign, entering Aries, with the South Node entering Libra. While the South Node has been in Scorpio, we have seen a massive purging of the underbelly of society, as the toxic dregs rise to the surface. Now we will see the shadow of Libra being revealed: over-emphasis on the intellect, stubborn logic, imbalance of power in relationships, narcissism and insincerity, and where prevailing thought is out of balance. The North Node in Aries brings the focus back to the individual, to blaze your own trail regardless of what “they” are telling you, bringing back the pioneering spirit and a sense of being in charge of your own destiny.

Venus enters the Ascension Gate on 20 July at 28° Leo. This is the culmination of the Capricorn Goddess synodic cycle which began in January 2022. We give thanks for this cycle and release the energies, taking the wisdom of the Capricorn Goddess and her lessons of honouring the ancestors, respecting the past, learning to build sound structures for the future, and becoming stronger in our earthly lives so we can manifest heaven on earth.

The Sun enters Leo 23 July and we shift into the leonine frequencies of heart-centred sovereignty, regal playfulness, generosity, benevolence, and the template of a true King or Queen. A sovereign has nothing to prove, they can give and forgive, and shine like the Sun on all they encounter.

On the same day the Sun enters Leo, Venus goes into retrograde at 28° Leo. She will be in retrograde motion until 4 September, and moving through the sign of Leo until 10 October. This is a time of deep introspection in relationships. Reflection – contemplation – going within to see the true meaning of soul connections, and unravelling the patterns that bind. You may find people from the past popping up, which means there is something to clear. The deeper we forgive and release the lessons, the more we are able to let go with love, and realise All is Love. On 24 July Chiron goes retrograde in Aries, deepening the healing journey we are embarking on with Venus.

On 25 July we have the Mayan Day out of Time. This is the mysterious day which does not fit into the calendar. It is an ‘extra day’ before we enter the Lions Gate, a day where it is supposed that things have no consequence, a space ‘in between’ and a time out of time.

The Lions Gate is a window of time from 26 July – 12 August. This is the time when Sirius would rise in ancient Egypt, heralding the annual inundation of the Nile and the fertilisation of the sacred Black Land. The Egyptian year began with Sirius aligning with the Sun, seeding our sun with energy and light, and higher frequencies from this ascended star. During this time the energies of Sirius enter in through the Giza gateway, the great pyramids and Sphinx, flooding the earth with ascension frequencies, and beginning the cycle of a new year.

Mercury enters Virgo on 28 July joining Mars in this sign. During this time of powerful heightened energies, communications will be stripped back to what is prudent and necessary. Think and analyse before you communicate your message. We are bringing everything back to the sacred work, where everything is more and more pure, refined and sacred.

Uranus continues his journey through Taurus, as the ascension frequencies activate Gaia and many new possibilities emerge. Saturn and Neptune are retrograde in Pisces, and Pluto is retrograde in Capricorn. There is much internal movement happening, and the more inner work you can do in this phase, the more you will reap rewards when the outer planets move forwards again.

Katy Sophia 02.07.2023

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