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Full Moon in Scorpio – Lunar Beltane – Wesak - Magical Alchemy & Healing

This Full Moon occurs at 17 degrees Scorpio, at 10.25 UT on Thursday 7th May.

Keywords are: Alchemy, Enlightenment, Transformation, Healing, Transmutation, Power, Shadows, Revelations, Integration, Security, Survival, Manifestation, Dreams, Magic

The Full Moon in Scorpio brings all that is hidden to light, the shadows, the psychological fears, the repressed energies, in order to be transmuted and healed. This is a time of alchemy and working to integrate the lower energies.

As the Sun has been moving through Taurus for the past couple of weeks, it has brought issues of stability and security into focus. Some people are fine with the lockdown, and enjoying their time at home. Some are concerned about their jobs and businesses, while some have lost their jobs, even become homeless, and are being confronted with key survival issues. The Taurus Scorpio axis is about security and survival.

While the Taurean energies encourage us to enjoy material comforts, and take care of physical necessities; the Scorpio Moon is shining a light on all the deep psychological fears that have been hidden and repressed. Around the time of this moon, for about three days before and three days after, it is normal to find these issues arising. Irrational fears, insecurities, deep anguish about the world situation, grief about what is being done to humanity – these are all emerging from the collective shadows.

The Moon opposes Uranus before it peaks in opposition to the Sun and Mercury. So events may occur that throw you off balance, and people may act in a shocking or unpredictable way around you. The hidden darkness and Scorpio shadows are electrified with Uranus in the mix, so focus on maintaining your core stability and calm centre in the storm.

The Sun and Moon also form a T-square to Mars in Aquarius, so there is a very active energy around this moon. It could bring up conflicts and arguments, especially with less conscious people around you who may attempt to draw you in. This provocative energy serves to draw out the deep poisons within people and the collective, so that they may be purged in the alchemical energy available. Rituals for collective healing and release are immensely powerful at this sacred time.

As the light shines bright and the shadows emerge, we can clearly see what we are up against in terms of the dying of the old world, and the monstrous atrocities being committed against humanity. The shadows loom large, but the perpetrators are puny; compared to the huge love, spiritual light and collective dreaming for a New Earth. Now is the time to shine bright and set forth your dreams before the Creator.

The Moon is trine to Neptune in Pisces, which brings a beautiful energy for healing, meditation and dreams. If you can dream it you can do it. Dream the world you wish to live in, without the barbaric restrictions and heinous crimes currently being touted. You have the sovereign ability to live your soul potential.

The Sun and Mercury are moving into trines with Pluto and Jupiter in Capricorn, which will have the effect of easing up the difficult energies in the coming week. We will find new solutions and new ways of working. Problems may shift to reveal new perspectives. Nothing is fixed.

Pluto went retrograde from 25th April, and will station direct on 4th October. So this Scorpio Moon is operating on a very deep level, bringing out karmic clearing, elusive memories, subtle layers of your past selves for healing and release, and glimpses of the future. There is an opportunity for profound alchemical healing. It could also mean that the power of the cabal begins to recede as new information comes to light, and we recognise our own positive power to make a change and take back our freedom.

Lunar Beltane is the fire festival of Spring in the Northern Hemisphere, and is symbolised by the union of the God and Goddess, the Divine feminine and masculine energies. The sap is rising in the land, the sexual energy is rising, and we are not far from midsummer, the peak of the solar year. Scorpio is a sexual sign of intimate relationship and divine union. Relationships will come into focus, whether you are alone, with your beloved, or apart. This is a time to integrate the masculine and feminine energies within you. Look at where need to come into balance. You may also include sex magic as part of your rituals.

The Scorpio Full Moon is the festival of Wesak, the birth, enlightenment and death of Gautama Buddha. Meditation is considered more powerful at this time, and the Buddha’s enlightenment is honoured, as is the enlightenment inherent in all beings. Divinity, angels, ascended masters and star beings are here to assist us if we ask.

This Full Moon is whatever you make it, as you are an immensely powerful being. Dig deep and call upon all your resources. Dream big, alchemise the darkness and light, embody your divinity and miracles might just occur.

Alchemical Magic and Blessings

Katy Sophia

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