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Soul Path Astrology - the Star Map to your Soul

Updated: Nov 19, 2020

What is Soul Path astrology? How do you follow the star map to your soul? Is there a divine guidance system that can show you the way?

Astrology is a language, the language of the celestial spheres. The stars and planets are conscious beings with their own energy and qualities. At the moment of your first breath, the map of the heavens is imprinted onto your being, and you carry it with you throughout your life. The transiting planets interact with it like a dance.

Through reading the language of the natal chart, you can begin to tune into your soul path and divine purpose. You have incarnated with particular karma to work through, and your birth family and early life experiences reflect this. The work is to heal relationships and karmic ties, so that you can come back into balance. Along the way you will attract your soul family, as you polish the facets of your multidimensional soul diamond. Your sacred purpose becomes clearer, and we are blessed to be able to shine light on this with soul path astrology.

The birth chart is a mandala, and the circle represents wholeness. Your natal chart is a map of your soul intentions, potentiality and challenges for this life. If you know how to read it, it can tell you all you need to know for guidance on your journey. It can also point to remedies that will bring you back into a state of balance.

The natal chart reveals your inherent psychology, strengths and weaknesses. As a character portrait it is the most accurate personality type indicator we have. The soul, however, cannot be defined so easily, and two people could have quite similar birth charts but be coming in on different soul levels. To get a measure of the soul, “I look in the eyes”, my kabbalistic astrology teacher was fond of saying. We are also fortunate to be able to work with the Nodes of the moon, Pluto and the Moon to get a glimpse of the evolutionary journey of the soul.

In soul path astrology, Pluto represents the soul by sign and house, as expressed in the writings of Jeffrey Green. Pluto tells us the soul intention and soul group to which we belong. For example, my Pluto is in Libra, so my soul intention is to bring beauty, peace, love, harmony and balance as the pure essence of Libra. The soul lessons are concerning balance and relationships. In the eleventh house, means that I express this in communities and groups, and I desire to be an agent of transformation in society. The eleventh house is also future focused, and my deepest desire is to co-create fifth dimensional communities which bring balance and harmony to the planet. So this is borne out by Pluto in Libra in the eleventh.

The South Node by sign and house denotes the past lives that are relevant to this life. Of course, our souls are multidimensional and in reality all time is now. However, in the context of a circle, the South Node depicts the axis we are moving away from because we know it well, and perhaps have become a little lazy. We need to move towards the North Node to come back into balance. The North Node is the evolutionary trajectory of the soul in this life, the ultimate challenge to bring true balance and express the fullness of our soul mandala.

For example, South Node in Leo may have had past lives as a performer or charismatic artist. They now need to move away from the shadows of egotism and self-centred expression into the North Node of Aquarius, and shine their beautiful light for the benefit of the community as a whole, perhaps creating community projects or thinking about social reform and evolution. South Node in Scorpio may have had past lives that were terribly traumatic, perhaps in warzones; being tortured or burned as witches, enduring the dark nights of the soul, and now need to move towards the North Node in Taurus for a life of stability, calm enjoyment of simple pleasures, and creating a heaven on earth. Conversely, South Node in Taurus is coming from a life of stability and earthly pleasures, perhaps a little too materialistic or earthbound, and these souls are confronted with the mysteries and intrigue of life which they cannot now ignore. They are driven to understand psychology, esoteric teachings and the shadow side of human nature to ultimately dredge up the darkness within their own souls, bringing it to the light of healing.

The Moon in traditional astrology represents our instincts, emotions, habits, the past, the mother and the feminine nature. In shamanic or evolutionary astrology, the Moon reveals our spiritual gifts that we have perfected over many lifetimes. This is why we are comfortable here. So the Moon can tell you much about your soul gifts, and how they combine with Pluto being the soul path, and the Nodes being the soul trajectory. Moon in Virgo denotes spiritual gifts of precision, purity, discernment and service. Moon in Pisces suggests soul gifts of mysticism, healing, psychic and creative abilities, while Moon in Sagittarius would bring soul gifts of truth seeking, teaching, wisdom and faith. It is important not to get too entrenched in your Moon, as we really like it there!

The Ascendant sheds more light on your journey, being the school of the soul that you have chosen for this life. Leo rising would be the school of creative self expression, spontaneity, and fun! Aries is the school of the pioneering spirit, breaking bold new ground, and Cancer is the school of caring, nurturing and protection. The Ascendant, or rising sign tells you what you are choosing to learn, or continue learning this time around. The chart should always be read as a whole, with all the planets, signs, aspects and layers combined because we are whole beings, greater than the sum of our parts. We have been gifted this beautiful star map to our soul, which contains infinite wisdom if you know how to read it.

So a soul path astrology reading can really bring clarity on your direction, encouraging you to come into alignment with your purpose and soul intentions for this life. Most people can relate to it straight away, feeling everything ‘click into place’.

Katy Sophia

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