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The ancient Egyptians anointed their chakras with seven sacred oils, and these are the oils that we bring you today:


  • Base Chakra: Red Amber
  • Sacral Chakra: Musk
  • Solar Plexus: Jasmine
  • Heart Chakra: Rose
  • Throat Chakra: Amber Kashmir
  • Third Eye: Sandalwood
  • Crown Chakra: Lotus


This box set contains the seven chakra oils in 10ml bottles with rollerball caps, so that you can anoint your chakras for meditation and healing, carry them around with you, and use them as perfume.


The art of aromatherapy originates in ancient Egypt. They had a secret method of making oils and perfumes which is still used today. The plants are pressed in a special way, and preserved so that they are extremely potent and long lasting. The oils are made from all natural ingredients, and are gentle and safe for the skin.


If you have any questions about the oils, please email


Please note: once purchased, oil products & aura sprays cannot be returned.

Egyptian Chakra Oils - Box Set

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