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Sun enters Pisces 18 February

The Sun enters Pisces today, and for the coming month the focus will be on the emotional, intuitive realms. We move out of airy, intellectual Aquarius into sensing, feeling Pisces. The Sun illuminates the sign it is moving through with its vast radiance of divine light, highlighting these qualities.

Pisces is symbolised by two fishes, swimming in opposite directions. In the limitless ocean of consciousness, we have the choice to swim upward, evolve and ascend. Or we can spiral down into the murky depths, falling prey to illusions, addictions, and stagnation. The possibilities are vast and sometimes, it can be hard to know the right way to go. Pisces can succumb to confusion and overwhelm, as they sense everything and feel all of the emotions. The archetypal empath, they feel other people’s emotions as well as their own. Deeply compassionate, and natural healers, boundaries are one of the most important lessons of this sign. Learning to recognise what is your “stuff” and what is someone else’s. When you should help someone, and when you should fill your own cup and replenish yourself. If your energy field is not strong and protected, it will need regular cleansing from all the external vibrations.

While the Sun is in Pisces, meditate for clarity, if there is confusion on an issue. Rest well to prevent overwhelm. Take regular deep cleansing baths with Himalayan or Dead Sea salts, and work with essential oils and subtle essences to balance your energy field. Emerald and amethyst are beautiful Piscean crystals to work with.

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