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Full Moon in Cancer – Emotional Intelligence

The Full Moon in Cancer brings a culmination of the emotions of the entire year. This water moon highlights the need for love and nurturing, and closeness with family. It can also bring up feelings that may have been supressed, such as rejection or abandonment, and perceived hurts.


At a time when many of us are with family, it is vital to extend our love to those who may be alone, or going through harrowing times. This winter solstice Mercury is in retrograde, and we are looking back at past events. Is it right to cocoon ourselves in materialism when our help is sorely needed by many?


The balance of Cancer and Capricorn is the balance of heart and materialism, family and business, softness and strength. It speaks of the importance of tradition, leadership and authority, Mother and Father energies and whether these are balanced and just.


At this time, we balance the need for rest and going within, with focusing on our true role and purpose in the world. In the Northern hemisphere, this is a natural time of hibernation, of sleeping in the darkness like the bear. We are nourished by dreams and the inner world, as we reflect and contemplate our existence. This pause will help us to surge forward into the new year with renewed energy.


The Sun in Capricorn is making a sextile to Saturn in Pisces, bringing an opportunity to create new structures for your life. Structures that are flexible, fluid and flowing, governed by your intuition. This will be very important in 2024. Where can you free up rigid boundaries that are no longer working? Where can you trust more in the overall flow of your life?


The Moon in Cancer is making a sextile to Jupiter, bringing new opportunities for abundance and success. There will be a new definition of success: one that is based on service to others, and the overall good. Pay attention to any insights, messages or ideas that come through at this time.


The full moon window last for three days, and the ripples of this energy continue to be felt as we acknowledge the need for emotional intelligence. Have you honoured and processed all the feelings that came up for you this year? Are you aware and empathic to the feelings of others? Can you allow the heart to clean itself, so you can greet a new dawn fresh and open?


Emotional purging, healing and release is vital before we can make our new beginnings. 2024 will bring many new challenges, and the dawn of a new era, as Pluto enters Aquarius. Now more than ever, we need to be on our toes, flexible and prepared, and dedicated to the life of service. The Cancer moon reminds us of the importance of family, soul family, and the loving collaborations we will create in this new cycle.


Full Moon Blessings


Katy Sophia 27.12.2023

Artwork: Josephine Wall


Full Cold Moon at 5* Cancer on 27 December 00.33 GMT /UT






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