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A package of 3 x sessions to support and empower you on your soul mate /twin flame journey. The package includes:


1 x Soul Mate /Twin Flame Astrology Reading (individual chart or synastry)

1 x Relationship Healing Session

1 x Twin Flame Ascension Coaching Session


Soul Mate / Twin Flame Astrology Reading

A synastry relationship chart shows you deep soul connections with your soul mate /twin flame. It can illuminate the true nature of your relationship. Sometimes it can be hard to know whether the relationship is karmic, soul mate or twin flame which is rare. The astrology chart shows the soul path for each person, and how you connect and activate each other. If you are not in a relationship, you will have a personal Astrology Reading focused on sacred relationships & ascension


Relationship Healing Energy Healing Session

This session untangles your deepest relationship patterns, which play out in your life until they are healed. The session may include work on the inner child, early relationships, past lives, ancestral line and soul healing. The session will improve existing relationships, and you can also choose to call in soul family, your highest vibration soul mate or twin flame. 


Twin Flame Ascension Coaching Session

You will receive insight and guidance on the path regarding soul mates, karmic relationships and twin flames. You will receive energy upgrades, DNA activations and meditations to assist you on the path and accelerate your development. Spiritual practices and one to one support are offered. 


Sessions are booked over Zoom for 60 - 90 minutes


Katy has experienced karmic, soul mate and catalyst relationships, and she is now with her true twin flame. An Energy Healer, Meditation Guide, Astrologer & Spiritual Coach, she specialises in soul mate /twin flame guidance. 

Soul Mate /Twin Flame Package

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