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Energy Healing Session - 60 - 75 minute session


In this energy healing session over zoom, Katy will listen to what you are bringing, and lead you through guided meditations and energy activations to heal the mind and emotions, release trauma, and change the frequency of stagnant or stuck energy, transforming deeply held patterns and blocks, and allowing new energy into your system. The highest healing is channelled directly from Source.


This quantum level healing awakens, activates and transforms on a cellular level; working through the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies; healing the genetics and ancestral line, multidimensional lives, and soul essence. It facilitates energy upgrades and shifts; & awakens you to your starseed origins and mission as appropriate for each soul.


Sessions are offered via Zoom and remotely.


Katy is a skilled and experienced coach, energy healer and meditation guide. Trained in many modalities, she now works with a unique form of channelled energy medicine.


Energy Healing

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