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Egyptian Soul Alchemy: a package of 3 x sessions to heal, enlighten and inspire you on your journey.


The package includes:

1 x Distance Sekhem Healing & Akashic Reading

1 x Guided Meditation session over zoom to receive activations of Isis, Hathor & Sekhmet

1 x Egyptian Cartouche Reading over zoom


This package will help you to see the path you walk more clearly, transform energy blocks, energise and rebalance body, mind and spirit, and activate your chakras as you alchemise the beautiful energies within you, freeing up more power to be yourself in the world and live as a truly empowered being.


PLUS a bonus gift of three exquisite Goddess Aura Sprays.


Sekhem Distance Healing

Pure Sekhem Healing is sent as distance healing, to energise, clear blocks, release stagnant energy, and harmonise your elements; healing & transforming on the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels. I work with Sekhem & Seichem Master symbols, Violet Flame, and Angelic Light to revitalise your aura and fields. This is a gentle and powerful healing energy which is deeply loving and blissful.


Egyptian Goddess Activations

Hathor Activation: In this beautiful guided meditation you will enter the Temple of Hathor, and receive a Sacral Chakra Activation to clear blocks, and increase creativity, fertility, sexuality, sensuality, beauty, enjoyment and fun. Hathor can help with creative blocks, low energy, female health conditions, motherhood, fertility, and awakening your Shakti or Divine feminine energy.


Sekhmet Activation: In this powerful guided meditation you will enter the Temple of Sekhmet, and receive a Solar Plexus Activation to clear blocks, and increase strength, power, healing, passion, positivity and empowerment. Sekhmet can help you to destroy blocks created by anger and fear, and release the shadow emotions that are holding you back, through the fierce Divine feminine power. 


Isis Activation: In this serene guided meditation you will enter the Temple of Isis, and receive a Heart Chakra Activation to clear blocks, and increase love, protection, spiritual strength, transformation, magic, alchemy and mastery. Isis is Wife, Mother, Queen, High Priestess, Alchemist and Great Magician. She can help you to transform anything you hold in your heart, alchemise your spiritual power and feel safe and protected at every level. 


Egyptian Cartouche Reading

An Egyptian Cartouche reading can accurately divine the circumstances of your life and offer powerful remedies in the form of energies and symbols which work in perfect harmony with Sekhem healing. I will make the divination, and then use the appropriate energies in the healing session. I can teach you how to work with them as Talismans and meditations for supporting your energy field.  The cards include symbols such as Ankh, Scarab, Eye of Horus, Isis, Osiris, Hathor and Sphinx. They also include elemental healing energies.


Goddess Aura Sprays:

I have created a range of vibrational essence sprays made with pure essential oils, crystals, and Chalice Well water. These sprays assist with meditation and healing, cleansing your space, clearing your energy field, and working with particular chakras and Goddess energies.


Three Aura Sprays are included in your package, and will be sent to you:


HathorGoddess of Love


SekhmetPower & Healing


Isis – Love, Magic & Alchemy


Katy is a skilled and experienced coach, energy healer and meditation guide. Everything is energy and everything can be transformed. If you are ready to change your life, and you commit to this journey, your success is inevitable.

Egyptian Soul Alchemy

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