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Egyptian Cartouche Reading - 45 minutes over zoom


An Egyptian Cartouche reading gives an accurate reflection of your current situation, showing current influences, and clarifying the way forward, with guidance on specific issues affecting you.  The Cartouche deck is based on ancient Egyptian symbols that are extremely powerful. They are living energies in themselves, and connecting to these archetypes and energies is profoundly beneficial.


Various spreads are used to work with different life situations.  I combine the reading with Sekhem energy healing, and guided meditations on the symbols. This deck is the most powerful deck I have ever used, for its accuracy, and ability to connect energetically and assist you moving forwards. After the reading I will send you a "remedy" of symbols which you can meditate on or place around you as talismans.


Sessions are booked over zoom and last 45 minutes.


Katy is a Reiki Seichem /Sekhem master teacher and an Egyptian Cartouche master teacher. She nurtures a strong connection to the Egyptian energies

Egyptian Cartouche Reading

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