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This Turquoise comes from Sinai, Egypt, from the turquoise mines that are dedicated to Hathor, Lady of the Turquoise. These exquisite pieces have been immersed in the energy of the Isis Temple at Philae, and the celestial blue vibrations of Aswan. You can choose your piece and have it custom set in silver, with your choice of design for pendants or rings.

Turquoise is a Master Healer, and a powerful protector of your energy field. Revered in Egypt, Tibet, Persia, the Americas, and all indigenous cultures of the world, it promotes peace, tranquility and harmony. It strengthens and aligns the chakras, assists with the voice and throat chakra, and helps with mineral assimilation and detoxing.


Please email: to choose your individual pieces and discuss designs.


For more Egyptian jewellery, check out our Etsy shop:

Custom Turquoise Jewellery

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