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Vibrational essence handmade with essential oils, crystals and Nile water to cleanse your aura and environment, and raise the vibrations. This blend invokes the magical and mysterious Nile river. A physical representation of the Milky Way, symbolised by the Goddess Nut, to the ancient Egyptians the Nile river was the source of all life. They celebrated the rising of Sirius every year which heralded the flooding of the Nile, giving rise to the fertile black soil of Khem.


I created this blend with my knowledge of aromatherapy and divine intuition. I place crystals around it and charge it up under the full moon, while connecting to the Nile energies.

Directions: spray around your aura, spray onto your wrist, inhale and meditate. Spray in the air in your healing room or your home or workplace. Use before meditation, healing, or psychic readings. Enjoy!

Love Katy X

Blue Nile - Aura Spray

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    International shipping to the rest of the world

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