Holistic Services


Since the Harmonic Convergence of 1987, we have been on a journey of awakening. The Cosmic Moment of 21.12.2012 marked the end of third dimensional density, and since then Earth has entered the fourth dimension. Since 1st January 2015 the new energies have been flooding in, with heightened solar activity bringing light, intelligence and information in the form of keys and codes from the Sun. We all have access to this new energy, it is helping us to heal, grow, awaken at a rapidly accelerated rate, and we are all able to enter fifth dimensional consciousness and live as walking masters if we so choose.


Discover your unique Soul Mandala with a Soul Path Astrology reading. Reveal your limitless potential, understand how to work with challenges in your life by gaining deep insights into the nature of your karma, recognise the Divine Timing of your life and the cycles of relationships, career, study, travel, retreat, blossoming and coming into your power and authority. Why not give yourself the gift of this knowledge and insight, and allow yourself to navigate the roadmap of your life with ease and grace?

Crystal Healing

In a crystal healing treatment, crystals are placed on the body on energy centres, and healing is directed through them. This treatment is beneficial for emotional and spiritual blockages, where energy or trauma is trapped in particular areas of the body. The vibrations are harmonised and the frequencies raised, which allows you to transcend limiting thought patterns and align yourself with joy and abundance and expanded intuition.


Intuitive Coaching


An Intuitive Coaching session can give you guidance on your path, to connect to your Life Purpose, re-arrange the elements of your life, or receive in-depth guidance on your Soul Path.  As a holistic therapist, energy healer and life coach of 16 years, and meditator of 20+ years familiar with many different modalities and spiritual teachings, I can help you to make sense of the overwhelming amount of information out there. Together we can devise clear steps to help you recreate your life in the direction of your dreams.

Sacred Activations


Sacred Activations is a beautiful healing modality that activates the twelve strands of your DNA and aligns your MerKaBa and sacred geometry, while disconnecting you from collective consciousness beliefs, and clearing your genetics from ancestral patterns that no longer serve you. It allows you to connect to the fifth dimensional Christ consiousness amd contribute to planetary healing.

Reiki Seichem

When you come for a Reiki treatment, you will lie down fully clothed on the healing couch. I will activate the symbols and gently place my hands on your body, or in your aura. I will sense where more energy is needed, and gradually work through you entire energy field allowing the Reiki and Seichem rays to balance and energise, releasing blockages and encouraging a healthy flow of life-force through your body and mind. The energy is kind, loving and nurturing; this is a safe space where you can rest, heal and recharge.




ThetaHealing® is a groundbreaking energy healing modality, enabling physical, spiritual and emotional healing.  During a session you will receive unconditional love healing;  release negative thought programmes and allow them to be replaced with life-enhancing ones; receive positive life-affirming feelings downloaded from the Source; and experience a DNA activation and many other consciousness shifting techniques. ThetaHealing® helps to bring your conscious and subconscious mind into alignment so that you can move forward, no longer dragged down by unseen inner obstacles.



"Katy thank you so much for bringing us all together. You are an amazing healer and teacher and I'm very much looking forward to your next class. I've experienced so much progress since working with you - I feel I'm so much more in alignment with who I am and what my goals for this life really are."


Symone W

"Katy you provided such a loving supportive environment, thank you... It was amazing to do the course with such a wonderful group. I cannot explain how uplifting and illuminating it was, it was everything I wished for and more."


"Katy you rock. Thanks for hosting us so warmly, and the all the learning of Theta healing, this awesome 'technology' that can help change for the better our own and others lives. Thank you sincerely for that. The group that came together was heart filling, thank you for sharing the experience and for all the healings you gave during practice sessions."


"Your reading was incredibly intuitive, and enabled me to make a connection between my health condition and my early childhood which had never occurred to me before. I feel now it will be easier to heal."

Elena S