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Venus Journey 2024 /2025 - the Ascent of Inanna - Leo Goddess


This online sacred journey consists of 8 live calls with Katy Sophia, between August 2024 - March 2025. The calls are live and recorded, based on GMT London timezone. With each Venus Chakra gate you will receive a guided meditation & shamanic journey, alchemical practices, and astrological teachings to join with the descent of Venus /Inanna. This is a profound journey of release, regeneration and rebirth. It is deeply transformational and allows you to join with the sacred power of Venus, embodying the Solar Goddess. You will consciously clear and reset your chakras, in alignment with the power of the heavens, becoming One with the flow of creation.


Once you are registered, you will receive the schedule for the Venus Journey, and the links for the first live call. The calls will be live and recorded. On every Venus Chakra Gate, you will receive a guided meditation, shamanic journey, alchemical practices and astrological guidance for working with the Venus energy, the Descent of Inanna, and that particular chakra energy activation. These will be delivered to your inbox.


Goddess Blessings



Venus Journey - Ascent of Inanna - Leo Goddess

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