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Psychic cords are unhealthy energetic attachments that can drain your vitality. If you feel you can't let go of a past relationship, or are experiencing problems with family members or your spouse, you may need psychic cord release. Symptoms are unexplained pains in the body, emotional trauma, feeling you "can't get someone out of your mind". This gentle and safe process allows the attachment to be diverted so that your energy field remains healthy and energised. This helps you to let go and retain only the healthy elements of current relationships, removing unhealthy energy from your aura, body and life.


Sessions are booked one to one via Zoom and last 60 minutes. The session includes channelled guidance and energy clearing.


Katy is a skilled and experienced coach, energy healer and meditation guide. Trained in many modalities, she now works with Sirian Isis Energy Healing, a unique form of channelled energy medicine.

Psychic Cord Release

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