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This sacred oil is made by an ancient process that is simply not found anywhere else. It is made in Sudan, in a sacred manner by priests. The oil is prepared with precious herbal ingredients, and laid under the stars for ten months, to infuse it with the energy of starlight. Then, the oil is buried underground, to infuse it with deep earth energies.


Priest Oil is used for the highest spiritual protection. It has a quality of protecting the body and energy field and blocking negative energy, psychic attacks and black magic. There are some circumstances where this oil is recommended and highly effective.


The oil is transported from Sudan to Aswan, and from Aswan to Luxor where it is received and blessed by Mahmoud for individual clients. He activates it with prayers specific to each person. From Luxor, it can be transported or sent by courier to your location.


The price includes all postage, packing, courier and transportation.


Enquiries please email:

Priest Oil from Sudan

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