Lionsgate Avebury 8 August 2022


10.30am - Avebury Red Lion

11am - Avebury Stones

West Kennet Longbarrow

6pm finish


We will gather in Avebury on the 8.8 Lions Gate for planetary lightwork, and gridwork in the stones. We will circle together, enjoy a crystal bowl sound bath, and walk the stones in this profoundly powerful sacred site. At the Sanctuary we will honour our ancestors and send healing to our ancestral lines. At West Kennet Longbarrow and Silbury Hill, we will drum to the ancient ones, honouring them and connecting with the power of ancient lives, awakening the highest gifts in the Ascension timeline. Bring drums and rattles.


Lionsgate Avebury 8 August

  • Travel to and from the day is your responsibility. Directions and info on booking