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Mahmoud is a highly gifted Egyptian Seer, born and trained in Aswan, Egypt


When you book a reading with him, he will do the reading remotely and give a complete energy assessment of your life. Gifted with finding the root cause of issues, he will see the truth with clarity. 


He specialises in working with home, family, relationships, work, career and black magic removal. 


He can see the cause of repetitive problems, miscommunications, money issues, conflicts and negative cycles. 


He will advise you on healing remedies and work to clear negative energy, cleanse your home and environment, heal relationships and miscommunications, give accurate information to answer your questions, and remove any harmful energies /hexes /curses if necessary. 


His clients report amazing shifts in their lives after working with him.


For the initial reading, he will need your name, picture and mother's name. Once you have purchased a reading, you will receive an email requesting this info.


All readings are booked through Katy Sophia

Egyptian Seer Reading

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