Open and activate all 13 Fifth Dimensional Chakras with a personal guided meditation over Zoom.


Most people are familiar with the 7 traditional chakras within the body, there are actually many more chakras and now we can also work with the Earth Star beneath our feet, the Navel Chakra, the High Heart, and the Higher Chakras including the Causal Chakra, the Soul Star and the Stellar Gateway. This allows us to connect deeply into the Earth, and receive the flow of spiritual light from the Great Central Sun. The result is expanded awareness, increased psychic development, more love in the expanded Heart Chakra, and a strengthened and empowered energy field less susceptible to outside influences.


The session includes channelled guidance, meditation instructions, and energy activations.


Katy is a skilled and experienced coach, energy healer and meditation guide. Trained in many modalities, she now works with Sirian Isis Energy Healing, a unique form of channelled energy medicine.

5D 13 Chakra Activation