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Sun into Virgo – Mercury Retrograde

Today the Sun enters Virgo, the sixth sign. This will help to earth the high frequencies of fiery Leo season, as we begin to make sense of the Lionsgate energies and embody them in a practical way. A grand earth trine helps to bring a deeply supportive, grounding energy to proceedings.

The 23 August is significant day astrologically. The Sun moves into Virgo joining Mars and Mercury here; Mercury begins his retrograde motion through this sign, and we have some very interesting aspect patterns in the sky. On this day we have a Grand Trine, a Kite, and a Mystic Rectangle. It is unusual to see these all on the same day, and this heralds a significant turning point. Cosmic forces are coming into alignment. We can move deeper into alignment within, when we surrender and attune to the forces of nature.

Virgo the virgin is an ancient sign of inner purity and perfection. Virgo symbolises matter that is pregnant with Christ consciousness. In the tarot, this sign is represented by the Hermit, the one who goes within to digest experiences, contemplate the teachings, and reflect on inner wisdom. Virgo calls us to contemplate, meditate, purify the body; to create a sacred temple of spirit and perfect our inner being.

Mercury, planet of communication, will be retrograde in Virgo for the next three weeks. Mercury rules this sign, and when retrograde can bring about more of the nit-picky, perfectionist, pedantic qualities of Virgo; so expect communication snafus, tech glitches, and delays with short journeys. It is wise to be extra patient and expect some degree of miscommunications, misunderstandings, and delays. Allow extra time for everything, and if your schedule allows, take the time to relax and escape into nature.

Nature is the cure for Mercury retrograde – as beautiful Virgo beckons us to retire to a fragrant, leafy bower and be still.

While the Sun is in Virgo, the energy calls us to work, get down to business, and take care of the details of our lives. Of course, September is back to school time. However, this month is slightly different, as Mercury is requesting that we look back over past agreements, scan contracts, and iron out problems that need solving. It is more of a retrospective, rather than a forward moving time. It is a great time for fixing things, taking care of practical issues, paying attention to your health, and bringing all aspects of your life into alignment.

If you have neglected practical, material or health matters, they may come into focus now. Likewise, Mercury is the planet of the mind, and we have an amazing opportunity to look back over our psyche and past patterns. Psychological healing is powerful at this time.

Virgo rules all areas of natural healing and mind body health. Yoga, herbal medicine, aromatherapy, mind body alignment, health and fitness are all great expressions of this energy.

Virgo season is a time for de-cluttering, deep cleaning, cleansing the body and purifying the soul. Throw out all that is no longer useful, as it will simply clutter up your life. Renew your energies by stripping everything back to what is truly useful and beautiful.

As you hone and refine the base metals of the lower self, you will arrive at the pure gold of the Soul.

Katy Sophia 23.08.2023

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