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Saturn into Aquarius - Free Thinkers for the New Earth

We can all breathe a massive sigh of relief and feel a collective release of pressure as Saturn enters Aquarius today.

Saturn has been in its ruling sign of Capricorn since December 2017. It is the planet of structure. The structures of the material world, time and karma. The planet of discipline and authority. The planet of responsibility and hard work. Known as the task master, it has been bringing things back into alignment within the restrictions of the physical world. We have seen major disruption and karmic retribution as Saturn collapses structures that are not sound, alongside the wrecking ball of Pluto.

In January we had the Saturn Pluto conjunction which is dominating 2020, so we are seeing the effects of this in 3D. Lockdown. Fear. Destruction of the world we know. Jupiter and Mars have now joined Pluto in Capricorn, and they are expanding and activating this deeply transformative energy.

Jupiter in Capricorn has the opposite effect of Saturn there; it seeks to expand the boundaries that are limiting us, and illuminate this world with wisdom and joy. Now people are coming forward to share new ways of living, creating new structures that are based on true wisdom and reverence for all life. New teachers are emerging, as everyone is a teacher, and the new paradigm is all about finding and acting on your inner teacher. No more gurus.

Mars in Capricorn gives energy and drive to the slow-moving machinations of this sign, so we are seeing a speeding up of plans and strategies on all levels. Instant karma and manifestation are strong. Conjunct Pluto, this can be a powerful destructive force. All around us, structures are collapsing like dominos, and the key is not to go into fear. The highest manifestation of these energies is the blasting away of all that is false, the draining of deep abscesses to make way for healing and rebirth.

Capricorn is the old established order, tradition and authority. Aquarius is the new. Aquarius is the rebel, the maverick, the free thinker. Consciousness moves from cardinal earth to fixed air, inward moving, bringing genius intellect and divine inspiration. Saturn co-rules Aquarius along with Uranus. So Saturn is still strong in its second sign, and now we will begin to feel a lightness as the rebel thinkers have their day.

If you have a radical idea, now is the time to implement it. Uranus is moving through early Taurus, symbolising the New Earth. The lightening bolts of change are taking root in the fixed earth of Taurus, Mother Earth. Uranus brings assistance from our sky brothers and sisters, we are not alone.

Uranus says, get out of black and white linear thinking. Don’t just think outside the box. The box doesn’t exist. We are the whole sky. All of existence is happening now, winking on and off in pulses of light and sound. We draw deeply from the breath of ancient universes and recreate anew.

Saturn will re-enter Capricorn from July to December this year. We have a window to utilise this Aquarian energy to bring about real change. The last months of Saturn through Capricorn should be spent implementing structures that are truly sound, healthy and beneficial for all life. This is the time to call upon all the resources you have. Dig deep, and join together with community for the Age of Aquarius is now. Awakening is upon us.

Let us Be Magnificent

Katy Sophia 22.03.2020

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