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New Moon in Sagittarius – Portal of Divine Truth

The New Moon in Sagittarius ushers in a much-needed new beginning for weary souls. New vistas of wisdom are opening up, and in this portal of Divine truth, clear perception is now available. Neptune is newly direct in Pisces, and it is time to close the door on past illusions that have been conjured.


The major aspect of this new moon is a square to Neptune. This brings deception to light, and forces you to confront any areas of duplicity and false glamour around you, on personal and collective levels. This includes mass hypnosis and propaganda, which is constructed with high-level psychology and NLP.


The Moon will come into exact square with Neptune one day after the new moon, and the Sun will come into exact square three days later. We are being challenged to see through the collective delusions, and the pressure will be intense. The energy of Sagittarius loves the truth at all costs. Only the truly courageous souls dare to face the truth. Truth hurts. Truth is painful. Yet truth is.


In this Sagittarian new moon portal, you are being asked to call upon your deep inner wisdom resources. Your spirit is bringing you a message direct from the Divine. With all that is happening, what are you being called to do?


Sagittarius is the Warrior of Truth, the seeker and finder of spiritual wisdom. Only by firing the arrow and piercing the heart of the highest truth can the illusions be shattered.


To live and be and ascend as human beings in these times, we must dare to tear down the veils. We do not accept illusory timelines or false realities. We live from the heart of spirit and the wisdom of the Divine.


Mercury will go into retrograde the day after the new moon, moving backwards through Capricorn and Sagittarius until New Year’s Day. The Christmas season will be deeply introspective, reflecting on important life goals and true motivations. Capricorn is the sign of critical mass, both for materialism and evil; and for awakening to the Divine nature within. We pray that overall, Horus is victorious over Set, and the Light will prevail.


Jupiter, the ruler of Sagittarius, is still retrograde in Taurus. We are being asked to look within at what we are doing to the Earth, how we are living, and reflect on earth-based values. How can we live in a new way? How can we salvage and care for Mother Gaia?


Jupiter is opposite Venus in Scorpio, magnifying all the deep emotions in relationships. This is a time for the deepest truths to emerge, and everything to be blown out the water. Venus is currently in her descent as the Leo Solar Goddess; she descended through the Heart chakra gate on 9 December. This is not an easy descent, with the fiery energy of Leo searing away armouring and leaving Inanna stripped bare. The golden breastplate has been melted in the fixed fire of Leo, leaving the heart open, naked, revealed. Whatever is in your heart will be magnified: rejection, abandonment, betrayal. These are wounds we all carry from the past. If you are feeling this, allow yourself to open up to Divine healing from the Goddess, and the eternal love that is always there.


Eternal Love is self-existing, between Isis and Osiris, between feminine and masculine, and we are here to release the ropes and chain of fear and doubt, insecurities, jealousy, abandonment and betrayal. As they fall, the pure love is revealed.


In the spiralling fire of Sagittarius, can you open yourself to Divine truth?


In the spiralling fire of Sagittarius, can you open yourself to courageous action?


In the spiralling fire of Sagittarius, can you open yourself to Eternal Love?



New Moon Blessings


Katy Sophia 12.12.2023

Artist: Ptahmassu K. Nofra-Uaa


New Moon 20° Sagittarius on 12 December @23.32 GMT /UT


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