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New Moon in Libra 16 October - Restoring Cosmic Order

The New Moon in Libra calls for peace, harmony, truth, balance, and the restoration of Cosmic Order. This peaceful moon finds herself in the midst of some intensely challenging aspects, which reflect the situation we find ourselves in.

The new moon is the beginning of a new lunar cycle, and marks a pause and reset point. A naturally introspective time, we reflect on the past month, and sow seeds for the next cycle.

This is a time to reflect on our relationships, and whether or not they are balanced and truthful. Is the masculine in balance with the feminine? Is our inner marriage a happy one? Is the inner world congruent with the outer?

As we seek balance in all aspects of our lives, whatever is out of alignment will make itself known. If there is something you need to say to a significant person in your life, you may find yourself speaking your truth. With the challenging aspects around this moon, great care and delicacy are needed in broaching tricky subjects.

The Sun and Moon are in opposition to Mars in Aries, still retrograde. Past conflicts and triggers may arise, with emotions rising into confrontations with the desire to resolve things. It is likely that conflicts could escalate in this energy, as the other person may take a combative stance. Libra confronts Aries head on with the desire to make peace.

The Sun, Moon and Mars are in T-square to Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn. Major squares to these planets bring into sharp focus the restrictions we are experiencing, with new obstructions emerging in the form of rules and lockdowns. This powerful aspect allows us to harness the energy of transformation in all aspects of our lives. Pluto asks of us to be born anew in every moment, with the combined wisdom of all our experiences. Once we clear the slate, and remove prejudice and conditioning, only then can we think and act from a pure place, and choose moment to moment the world we wish to live in.

Jupiter is also in the mix, at the focal point of the T-square. We can choose to magnify what is wrong in our lives, and focus on the negativity, conflict and restrictions. Or, we can choose to focus consciously on inner transformation, and holding fast to the sacred calling we signed up for. Jupiter is wisdom, which we carry, and it is important to connect to the source and not be clouded by misinformation and mind control. Jupiter square Mars can indicate recklessness and excess. This aspect pattern has the potential for extremes, and bringing problematic issues to a head. There is also the potential for profound transformation and evolution.

Mercury is now retrograde in Scorpio, and it is time to dive deep with your mind and all your senses. Perceptions are heightened, and the veils are thinned as we journey through October and November. Self-awareness is key, as the lower aspect of this energy has a tendency to “blame and shame” with projections or vitriolic attacks. Inner toxins must be purged, released and transformed. It is a good time to go back over details, with the eagle gaze of Scorpio. Patterns can be recognised and alchemised.

May we each of us uphold the balance in our lives, honouring the sacred with every step we take. As we pause and reset, may we breathe peace, as we envision a New Earth of true balance and harmony. Sacred balance within and without, living in harmony with humanity and Mother Earth. As we release toxic restrictions, the earth calls us to where we need to be, a healthy wholesome life in alignment with the elements and the stars. Connecting to divine guidance and assistance has never been so vital.

At this New Moon we focus on Peace. Harmony. Love. Balance. Truth. Cosmic Order. Justice. Sacred Relationship. Divine Union. Ascension.

New Moon Blessings

Katy Sophia 16.10.2020

New Moon 23 degrees Libra 16 October at 19.31 UT

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