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New Moon in Aries Solar Eclipse – Soul Shifts & Transformations

The New Moon at 29° Aries is a ‘blue moon’ - the second new moon in Aries in a month. It is also a Solar Eclipse visible in South/East Asia, Australia, Pacific, Indian Ocean, and Antarctica. It will be a hybrid eclipse, visible as total or annular depending on the point on the eclipse path. The energy of the eclipse affects us all as a reset point and opportunity to reboot.

This is a very dramatic new moon, as no sooner is the Sun eclipsed then it moves into Taurus on the same day, and Mercury goes into retrograde also in Taurus. So after the new moon solar eclipse fireworks, expect everything to slow down to a relaxed, plodding pace with plenty of time to mull things over and do a retrospective in the house that Mercury is retrograding through.

This new moon at the anaretic degree is a chance to wrap up lessons from this Aries season, and go to a deeper level with what you were shown at the Equinox new moon. This is a new beginning on a soul level, to ignite your purpose and propel you forwards. The house of the eclipse and the opposite house are significant for you now. There may be losses and endings, leading to real change in divine timing. You can strengthen this by working on the lessons of the opposite house. For example: the eclipse falling in your tenth houses signifies new beginnings in your career. You need to make sure your foundations are strong in the fourth house of the home.

The new moon is loosely conjunct Jupiter, magnifying and intensifying the dynamic fire of Aries. Expect things to move fast with sudden endings and beginnings. The new moon is also square Pluto, virtually exact, creating explosive disturbances and eruptions from the subconscious. Anything you have not healed will come out now. It will provide fuel for your transformation, and the next six months of change. This is an opportunity to release, heal and let go. Do not try to hold onto things that are not good for you. They will be ripped from your grasp.

On 21 April Mercury goes retrograde at 15° Taurus, conjunct Uranus and the Moon. More unpredictable events and communications are likely to happen on this day. This heralds a gear shift from high-powered Aries season with its fast, dynamic energy, to slow-moving Taurus season with its strong, stubborn energy. Mercury Rx in Taurus can lead to intractability in thinking, ‘pig-headedness’, problems and delays in the physical, and frustrating misunderstandings. It is best not to make major decisions or sign contracts at this time. Mercury moves direct on 15 May.

On this new moon solar eclipse, dig deep into your soul. Take some time to pause – ideally during the exact eclipse – and let go of everything. Aries is the original spark of creation. Life is winking on and off every nano second. Nothing is what it seems. Creation is an illusion – the cosmos spins and morphs and recreates itself in the dream we call life. The divine pulse can transform and shapeshift any moment. Whatever will be will be. What is meant for you will find you. What is not meant for you will fall.

New Moon Blessings

Katy Sophia 19.04.2023

Blue Moon Solar Eclipse 29.50° Aries on 20 April @04.12am GMT /UT

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