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Full Moon in Taurus Lunar Eclipse - Own your Power Now

This Full Moon lunar eclipse wraps up the pair of eclipses which began with the new moon in Scorpio solar eclipse two week ago. We have been in an intense cauldron of transformation, as the Sun moves through Scorpio, and all our inner demons are touched and triggered. To achieve complete healing, we must know the depths of our emotions. To find peace, we must understand the root cause of our worries and anxieties. Then all can be laid to rest.

Scorpio is a complex sign of intense emotions, deep feelings, and all the darkness of the lower astral which must be brought to light. While the Sun moves through Scorpio, we undergo an inner purging, which can result in a sublimation of the lower energies still remaining in our fields. If you feel you are being triggered, and acting unconsciously, pay attention. Events are not happening to cause you pain. They are playing out so that you can finally understand your shadow, and release the attachments that are binding you to addictive and destructive patterns of behaviour.

When the Moon culminates in the sign of Taurus, we reach a point of balance between deep psychology and physical manifestation. It is time to land, and see what you have created. What have you learned in the last two weeks? You will see the results of your efforts, whether positive or negative, and you will see the results of the 10:10 portal beginning to come through.

Taurus is the sign of embodiment. Whatever you are, you can realise it in your physical body now. When you heal your psyche, you can be a whole new person, the one you never thought you could be, because you were too afraid. It is time to be your true self, no more charades, no more games, no more fear.

The total blood moon lunar eclipse is a point of complete reset. Wherever you are with your life, your dreams, your healing; if you can just be ok with it and give thanks, release it all up to the Divine to begin a new day, then everything is within your reach. The eclipse is the point of letting go. Take the time to meditate and consciously release all your fears, worries, darkness and despair. All of your emotional baggage, deep rooted patterns and past pains. Let the shadow of the earth pass across the face of the moon, erasing all that has gone before. Allow yourself a clean slate. This is what the Divine gives you each and every time.

The Taurus /Scorpio axis is about inner strength. Fixed earth and fixed water are mighty and immovable. Root strongly into the earth, and feel the support of Mother Gaia. Feel the deep waters nourishing your roots, giving you all you need to grow. Taking care of the body, cleansing toxins and pollution, and cleansing the waters of the emotional body will greatly assist you now. In the Northern hemisphere, we are moving into winter. It is a more introspective time, and a time of inner light.

The aspects around this full moon are potent and pronounced. There is a lot of fixity and potential areas of conflict, that serve to bring out inner strength. We have the Sun conjunct Mercury and Venus in Scorpio, as our consciousness, thoughts and feelings are immersed in the deep introspective realms. The Sun is also conjunct the collective South Node in Scorpio, so the focus of this lunation is on really dredging up core past life issues, and all that is holding back humanity. This stellium is opposing the Moon, Uranus and the North Node in Taurus. Moon Uranus in opposition to Scorpio brings shocks, surprises and thunderbolts from the blue. Expect to be woken up in a big way. This is the culmination of what has been building in the last two weeks. We are all being challenged to step into more of our light, more of our power, and enter the true sovereign domain.

The Sun and Moon oppositions are in a T-square to Saturn in Aquarius, which has been looming for the past week. If you feel challenged or blocked, look for the way out that didn’t occur to you before. There is another way, it is about strength and confidence and authority, and holding your power. You do not need to be manipulated by others. Maybe it is simply about not being affected by petty emotional dramas. Maybe it is about speaking up and showing others your strength. Whichever way it is, it is your own unique Way. Own it, claim it.

Whatever you do now, has a direct effect on your community. When you choose to stand in your power, the energy will ripple outwards and influence others even on a subconscious level. When you stand strong, and act in full consciousness and sovereignty, the effects will ripple out through humanity. Many of us are doing this now. We are turning up the lights even brighter. Bring it on!

And as we walk forward, we close the door on all that is past and unnecessary. Anything that hinders your light is leaving your life now. Allow yourself this cleanse, this purge, this deep transformation. What wonder and beauty will emerge as you walk through this new door?

Full Moon Lunar Eclipse Blessings

Katy Sophia 8.11.2022

Full Moon at 16* Taurus 08 November @ 11.02 GMT /UT

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