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Full Moon in Sagittarius - The Truth Revealed

This Full Moon occurs at 15 degrees Sagittarius on Friday 5th June at 19.12 UT.

Keywords are: Wisdom, revelations, truth unveiled, big picture, far-sightedness, adventure, soul purpose, communication, sensitivity, compassionate action.

This Full Moon is a penumbral Lunar Eclipse, which makes the energies stronger and more emotional, with the focus on relationships and fated outcomes. A partial eclipse is not as strong as a full eclipse but it still affects us. It is highlighting the Gemini Sagittarius axis, which is about knowledge and wisdom, the mind and intellect, sharing information and seeing the big picture.

The Sun is conjunct Venus in Gemini, and the Sun and Moon are also making a T-square to Mars and Neptune in Pisces. So we have three of the mutable signs emphasised, with the elements of air, fire and water. There is a lot of active, passionate, dramatic energy at play. Gemini is the playful, curious child, Pisces is the dreamer and escape artist, and Sagittarius is the truth seeker and risk taker. These are very tense aspects; the truth could create friction, playful energy could go awry, and above all the truth will be revealed.

The Sagittarius Moon is the wisdom moon, and it reveals the big picture, which may not have been perceived before. The truth is contained in the whole, not just in tiny fragments. It is time to open your mind, your heart and your eyes to embrace other points of view. Humanity is going through a massive shift. Everyone is struggling to see the light at the end of the tunnel. There is no time for personal disagreements and petty arguments.

Moon square Mars tends to bring conflicts and domestic strife; adding Neptune into the mix creates illusions and delusions, glamour and deception. The Sun and Venus square Neptune and Mars create a heady cocktail of seductive energy, love, passion and romantic longing. There is plenty of emotional and sexual tension with these alignments. Venus square Mars is bringing out inequalities between the sexes, issues of masculine and feminine energies, and harmonising these within yourself. Venus retrograde is clearing karmic issues that are long overdue. So relationships come into focus, and feelings may be vented.

The key with this moon is to breathe, detach from drama and refuse to be sucked in by 3D power games. Emotional energy and anger are rife. The protests of this week have created huge ripples in the collective, and primal instincts are being unleashed. Do not be a pawn in anyone’s game. Keep your head, stay in your heart, and align with your truth.

The Sun in Gemini illuminates the need to share information and stay connected. We seek to communicate, but ideally should detach from social media when we can, as it is completely overwhelming. When we are bombarded with information, and we do not even know what is true or false, we simply cannot process it. The Moon is illuminating the sign of deeper wisdom and broader horizons. There are many more opportunities than we know. There are many more possibilities than we know. Meditate, go out in nature, just breathe, and be still. Open your mind as wide as the sky. Answers will come.

Full Moon Blessings

Katy Sophia 05.06.2020

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