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Full Moon in Capricorn – Consolidation

The Capricorn Ful Moon is positively aspected, and illuminates the Sirius gateway that we are entering into. This time represents a culmination of hard work and effort, in the sign of consolidation and manifestation.

The Sun at 11° Cancer is conjunct Mercury, bringing mental focus to the emotional realms, and how feelings are experienced and expressed. Unresolved feelings may come up at this time, and the task is to acknowledge, accept and release them, or sensitively express them. This is a good time for family and relationships, as the sense of love and protection is at the forefront.

The Sun and Mercury are with Sirius, the brightest star in the sky, and the higher star of our sun. This opens up a portal to receive the Siriun frequencies and light codes, as Sirius begins to rise with the Sun and the two stars are aligned. The Full Moon at 11° Capricorn is opposite Sirius, so this energy is being amplified in our consciousness.

The Cancer Capricorn axis emphasises family, tradition, strength, stability, leadership, authority, and responsibility. We are called to look at the balance of home and family in our lives, versus business and working in the world. The balance between the soft, nurturing qualities of a mother, and the stern, aloof strength of a father.

Cancer is an ancient mystical sign representing the gateway into life, and the beginning of our human incarnations. The shell of form encloses spirit and consciousness. We have all come through this doorway. On this moon, you may be called to contemplate the wisdom and experience of all your incarnations.

Capricorn is the turning point, as incarnating spirit reaches the densest form of matter. In Capricorn we turn back to our Divine nature, realising the material world has nothing more to offer, without the connection to Soul.

Many systems and processes in the world can no longer go any further down the same road, and are now breaking down. This has been the process of the transit of Pluto through Capricorn. Now retrograde at the 29th degree, we are being shown what remains to be cleared. This Capricorn moon is showing you on a personal level what you no longer need, what remains to be cleared, and what healthy structures you can build that work in harmony with the earth.

Since January 2022, the synodic cycle of Venus that began in Capricorn may have given you an insight into how you can build in a sustainable way, the right structures and organisations for your soul path, with the right people. This full moon is a time to reflect on what you have learned in this cycle.

The Moon is trine Jupiter in Taurus, which is a positive, beneficial aspect bringing new opportunities for abundance. It is time to build on what you have already created, and open up to new possibilities. Plans made at this time will be successful, when birthed in accordance with spirit. The earth element is deeply supportive, and we are nurtured to step forward in wholeness.

The Capricorn moon is ruled by Saturn, which gives a serious, pragmatic energy. Foundations must be solid, and strategies well thought out. However, Saturn is currently retrograding through Pisces, the sign of fluidity. We may be shown that some universal laws operate on a higher level than previously thought. New dimensions are opening up, and higher frequencies are bringing new possibilities. The challenge is to remain grounded, and at the same time open to the flow of existence. Like light photons, we can exist as particles and waves at the same time.

The overall tone of this full moon is deeply nurturing, supportive and encouraging. Take some time to see how far you have come. You are climbing a mountain, and the view is beautiful. You have survived all the pitfalls and challenges leading up to this moment. The summit you strive for may still be far, however, inside you is the strength to carry on. The Divine spark within you will not let you fail.

Full Moon Blessings

Katy Sophia 03.07.2023

Full Buck Moon 11* Capricorn on 3 July @11.38 GMT /UT

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