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Full Moon in Cancer – A Point of Power & Release

The Full Moon in Cancer falling on the 6 January is the first full moon of 2023. As the ruler of Cancer, the moon here opens the floodgates of this sign, allowing a release of all the emotions that have built up in the previous year.

The full moon is a time of reflection. It is the blossoming of the lunar cycle, when energies are most outgoing, and a time to look into the mirror of your soul and reflect on your creations, connecting to a higher power.

The year has begun with Mercury retrograding through Capricorn, bringing a retrospective quality to the start of the year. This compels us to check that all the structures of our lives are sound moving forward. Communications may seem sticky, salty, or downright obnoxious. Some people may appear pedantic or difficult, as there is a backwards moving feel and details are laboured over meticulously. Mercury is now moving into conjunction with the Sun, bringing a point of balance between past and future, and illuminating the insights gained so far from your contemplations.

Pluto, the planet of power, destruction and transformation, is in the last throes of Capricorn, and we can see how many structures have fallen since 2008 when it first entered this sign. The world is a different place. We are now getting an inkling of how all the instability may affect us directly, and how it is affecting other parts of the world. This is a time to get serious, about the reality of world events, the future trajectory, and our role in doing what we came here to do.

With all this Capricorn energy, of structures and boundaries, karma, discipline and control, the Cancer moon brings a welcome relief, reminding us how human we all are. We all have the same human emotions, the same wants and needs. We cry the same tears. We may be shown how even our enemies have been locked into a karmic prison from deep buried trauma, and although their actions may be toxic, we can still feel compassion for them. Compassion is not fluffy or superficial. Compassion can be stern, detached and fierce.

The Cancer Capricorn axis is about family, tradition, authority, and leadership. In our lives, it speaks of work life balance, spending time with friends and family, versus spending time focused on work, business and career. There must be some kind of balance, otherwise it can lead to an emptiness inside. This lunation calls us to our true family, the ones we can be at peace with, the ones living from heart.

Cancer and Capricorn are ancient signs, containing the full journey of soul and humanity. They are the entry and exit points. Cancer is the sign of incarnation. When the soul of humanity first incarnates in physical form, this is Cancer, the crab, or the scarab, as depicted on the ceiling of Denderah temple in Egypt. Once incarnated, we enter the world of duality. The soul journeys through many incarnations, at first on the path of involution, descending deeper into matter. In Capricorn, the last earth sign, the full extent of physical density is realised. Spirit maybe completely forgotten – hence this sign’s attribution to the Devil card in the Tarot. Deeply enmeshed in matter, the soul has a choice to return to Spirit, and return to the Light. This is the choice that humanity must now make.

As we enter into the year 2023, this is a sober and sombre turning point. It is time to get real. By now, each of us has been shown the truth of why we are here. It is not a time to be fantastically optimistic and say that everything is going to be alright, living in the clouds in fantasy and illusion. It is not a time to spiral into despair, fear and negativity, buying into the dystopian agenda and saying there is no way out. Between these two extremes, there is a narrow, razor-edged path. It is up to each of us to find it, and walk it.

On this full moon, when you meditate, allow yourself to enter a state of deep contemplation. Connect to ancient energies and ancient times. Connect to future times. Connect to the truth of your soul, and what you truly have to offer. Listen to the messages and the guidance you are shown. The Way will become clear.

Full Moon Blessings

Katy Sophia 06.01.2022

Full Moon 16* Cancer Wolf Moon 6 January @23.07 GMT /UT

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