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Full Moon in Aries – Sacred Love

The Full Moon at 6° Aries brings the spotlight onto relationships, as many different factors must be navigated to find a state of inner balance. The moon is unaspected, which means that its energy is pure and potent, in the sign of cardinal fire. This is an opportunity to wipe the slate clean, and generate fresh new beginnings.

While the Sun is in Libra, the focus is on relationships. The Aries Libra axis highlights the balance of self and other. This is something we must navigate in all our relationships. Often in love we feel that the other is not giving us something that we need, they don’t understand us, or maybe they are being too selfish. Of course, it is never the other person. The souls that come into our life reflect the patterns within us in some way. Unhealed trauma, patterns of emotional armouring, cycles of behaviour that were not completed all end up being expressed in intimate relationships.

Libra, cardinal air, seeks to objectively analyse and mentally resolve things. This is a detached energy that seeks harmony at all costs. Aries, cardinal fire, driven by passionate impulses; is action-oriented, and impatient. The full moon calls us to balance these two poles within us. The fire of spirit must be honoured, and refined in the balanced air of Libra.

In this time of reflection, you may ask the question, are you taking care of your own needs? Are you honouring the fire of spirit within you, and blazing the trail of glory for your soul? Are you honouring the needs of others, and following the path of service, while filling your own cup and recharging when necessary?

In a relationship, can you ask for what you want? Can you listen to your partner and readjust your ideals? Is it all about them, or all about you?

The purity of the Aries full moon reminds us that the first relationship is self to Creator. Then self to self. Then self to others. In the oneness of the original fire, all souls are joined. Then we can find truth in the knowing, you are another one of myself.

The major aspect in the sky right now is Venus square Uranus, which can bring relationship challenges. Venus in Leo is conjunct asteroid Juno, the Divine consort and symbol of sacred union. After the long transit of Venus retrograde and direct in Leo, many issues may have emerged about how you wish to be treated, and the kind of relationship you would like. If you are in a sacred relationship, you may see your progress right now as the love shines through. If you are calling in a sacred relationship, or working to improve your current partnership, you may have a clearer idea of what this looks like.

Juno with Venus as the solar lioness is heralding soul connections and divine love. The square to Uranus is challenging and testing all you have learned. Are your values sound? Are your actions true to what you believe? Will you be distracted by temptations, or derailed by unexpected events?

The key to the Uranus square is to embrace the energy of change, ride with the currents, and allow the ascension energies to shift your vibration to one of accepting, allowing and being fully present in the moment.

Mercury in Virgo brings the potential for crystal clear analysis of your energy patterns. In a grand earth trine with Pluto and Uranus, there is a profound energy of psychological clarity, shifting of beliefs and thought patterns, and ascension upgrades flowing through to the physical body and daily life. Mercury is coming into opposition with Neptune, so you may again be tested by reflections and illusions. Tune into the higher mind to find true answers.

Overall, this full moon brings the opportunity to reflect on relationship patterns, and to wipe the slate clean. Once you see something, it should not have a hold over you anymore. Seeing is releasing, and all you see may be offered up into the purifying fire of Aries.

Do you wish to continue acting out the same old patterns? Do you wish to continue seeing the same reactions, or lack of love? Or is your soul craving a new beginning?

Do you have the courage to burn through the karmic webs and feel the sunlight of a new day? Who knows what the day may bring…

The full moon in Aries says, once you reconnect with the pure fire of spirit, you can be yourself in a whole new way.

Full Moon Blessings

Katy Sophia 29.09.2023

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