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Full Moon in Aquarius – Your Light is Needed

The Full Moon in Aquarius is the Lions Gate moon, intensifying the energies of this Sirian gateway. The focus is on the Leo – Aquarius axis of the individual self, and the true humanitarian aims of the soul.

This is a sacred opportunity to connect deeper, and receive guidance as to how to embody more of your gifts, so you can step into service in a greater way. The energies offer a window of deep reflection, contemplation and connection. Inspired action is possible.

The full moon is square Jupiter, in T-square to the Sun and Moon. There is a sense of expansion and abundance, reaching out and extending beyond your boundaries. Allow yourself to open your mind to new possibilities. You may not realise how much your mind still limits you – and what more there is for you.

The 1 August is the Celtic festival of Lammas, or Lughnasadh. This is the first grain harvest of the year, when people would come together to gather in the grain, and give thanks for the sacred sustenance of Mother Earth. It is a time to celebrate the Sun and the solar light, building to a peak of warmth of the summer.

As this full moon aspects Jupiter in Taurus, we are reminded of the sacred providence of Gaia, and how she nurtures and nourishes us every day. We give thanks for the abundance of life, the black earth where we plant the golden seeds, that flourish with green crops, flowers of all colours, and life-giving fruits and grain. We honour the cycles of life, and the abundance that sustains us all.

While the Sun is in Leo, we are reminded of our individual self-expression, and the fire of spirit blooming in sovereign power. In Leo we learn to move beyond the self-centred individual mind, to the heart-centred connectedness with all life. The energy of the sacred lions, the Giza gateway, and the leonine ones is strong at this time. You may feel a new creative idea or solution in your heart, and have the courage to act on it. Spirit will carry you through. Mars is in exact trine to Jupiter, bringing the energy for inspired action with beneficial results.

As the moon illuminates the sign of Aquarius, the opposite sign is highlighted. Aquarius the water bearer gives life, pouring the waters of spirit for all who are thirsty. The electric glyph of Aquarius represents the electrical currents of Uranus, its ruler, and the high frequency ascension energies that move beyond the personal, into the realm of humanity, and our greater family of sisters and brothers of light.

The energies of Leo and Aquarius can blend into one, when the fire of the heart is united with the desire to serve. All of your divine creative gifts can be channelled into heart-centred service, becoming beautiful gifts to the collective. This is the time to tune into your guidance, and ask to be shown how best you can serve. How can you refine your service, and step it up to the next level? Who are the souls you will be working with, forming new alliances and collaborations of heart?

When we look at the world, and all the challenges we face, it is easy to be disheartened. How can we possibly give the help that is needed? How can we really solve the deep-seated problems that exist, with so many complex causes and consequences?

The answer is that one person alone cannot do it. We each have our station in life, the highest calling of the soul. When each one knows their station, and acts on it, the divine symphony begins to play, and healing happens on a grand scale. Know that we are strategically placed around the world, so that we can channel our unique gifts and make a difference in our sphere of influence.

Your Light makes a difference.

Sirius is now rising, aligned with the Sun, and higher frequencies are entering with the solar light. Meditation yields powerful results. Your star family and spirit guides are ready to welcome you and transmit the messages that you need.

This is a time to be supported by spirit, give thanks for how far you have come, and receive guidance for the next phase of your journey. Your gifts are unique in all the universe.

May the Divine spark in you take enlightened action

Full Moon Blessings

Katy Sophia 01.08.2023

Artist unknown

Full Sturgeon Moon 9° Aquarius on 1 August @18.31 GMT /UT

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