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Full Moon in Sagittarius 17 June - Time to Rise

This Full Moon occurs at 08.30 UT on 17th June 2019. At 25 degrees Sagittarius, the Moon is in a separating conjunction with Jupiter, opposite the Sun in Gemini and square to Neptune in Pisces.

Keywords are: Hope, flamboyance, optimism, wisdom, sagacity, faith, truth, trust, intelligence, understanding, offering up to spirit, time to rise.

The Full Moon illuminates the sign of Sagittarius, the Archer. The seeker of truth in all of us. It is time to let go of falsehoods and illusions, and reveal that light which is fundamental to all things. We are all made from the creative essence of the universe, of Source. This world is an illusion, a matrix, a game, and we need to pierce the veil to see the truth of what is really going on.

The Moon conjoined with Jupiter, the ruler of Sagittarius, when she was almost full, pregnant with possibilities, and infinite visions of what could be. Jupiter expands beyond anything we think possible. Yes, you can live the life you dream of. The dreams were put there by spirit. Yes, you can be the powerful being that dwells in your soul, and manifest your essence into the world. Yes, you can create what lies within your higher mind, and we can co-create the New Earth together.

All of your dreams and visions, your manifestations, the energy you have focused, are gestating like a child in the womb. Every manifestation creates something, all of your energy works, your prayers have not been in vain. Keep the faith, on this Jupiterian Full Moon, keep trusting above all in spirit when you are sorely tested.

We have all had extremely heavy burdens to bear. Saturn and Pluto’s alliance in Capricorn takes no prisoners. The powerful effects they are having in the wor

ld, and in our personal lives, serve to completely destroy the old and restructure something new. Building from ground zero is hard work. A vision is needed, huge faith is needed, persistence and perseverance will see it through. Remember why you are doing what you are doing. Keep going.

Now that Mercury and Mars are in the opposite sign of Cancer, people are beginning to speak out about the sensitivity needed to deal with heavy situations. The Divine Masculine can become the nurturer and protector, compassionately communicating his love. With the collective North Node here also, it is a good time to tackle difficult subjects with delicateness and sensitivity.

As the Sun in Gemini highlights our thought processes, and our communication style, the balance comes from learning to use the information we gain to feed into the bigger picture, and not get stuck in petty debates. The mind is a tool, and we must use it to look deeper, to see further. Youthful curiosity is good. A fresh outlook, questioning, and humour are necessary. So are connections, networks, and sharing information, as long as the wisdom of Sagittarius shines through. The Moon conjunct Jupiter wants us to open our minds, and go beyond all boundaries, like nothing we have ever done before.

The Sun and Moon are in T-square to Neptune in Pisces, creating a tension which can only be released by surrendering to spirit. Neptune is fundamental to this Moon, the ruler of Pisces, reminding us that there is a Divine intelligence at work and we must trust the process. Let go and offer it up to Spirit. Keep the faith, trust in the Divine, and make divinely guided actions.

On this Full Moon, it is possible to open yourself to something more. Allow yourself to rise, like a Phoenix on this fire moon, expanding and releasing and growing, soaring until you see the Earth from above, and all the universes and galaxies, the Great Central Sun and the Light of Source. See the fabric from which all things are made, and know yourself to be part of that creative essence.

Keep the faith, Child of Light, it is Time to Rise.

Katy Sophia 17.06.2019

Soul Radiance Astrology

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