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New Moon in Virgo 9-9-9 Crystalline

The New Moon falls at 17 degrees Virgo at 18.01 UT on 9th September 2018, the 9-9-9 portal. Keywords are purity, precision, perfection, refinement, virginity, priestess, abundance, devotion, service, sacred work, separating the wheat from the chaff, completion.

A New Moon is a new beginning, for the month ahead, the year ahead, and also a lunar gestation cycle of 27 months. So what you put in motion now is very important for the future.

The sign of Virgo is an earth sign, its nature is mutable, and its qualities are those of purity, precision and perfection. This is a sign of refinement in the element of earth. Like a crystal that has spent millions of years forming deep with the earth, Virgo strives to attain a pure crystalline nature. Virgo rules over health and healing, yoga, nutrition, and anything that helps us to purify body and mind.

On this New Moon in Virgo, ask yourself, what can you do to purify yourself? Knowing that your true nature is pure from the very beginning, what can you do to bring your body, mind and personality into alignment with that pure, beautiful soul essence?

Mind and body practices will be of great benefit to you at this time. Meditate on what you need to release and let go of. Ask to be shown your energy field and your life as it truly is. Call for divine assistance in clearing any toxic, stuck, stagnant energy. Focus on a clear crystal, and align yourself with the crystalline vibrations, through the cells of your body, your DNA, your emotional and mental bodies, your spiritual body and your life. Allow the crystalline purity to cleanse you, and release cords and ties with the past.

Now is the time to decide on a new health regime, such as yoga, balanced exercise, and a cleaner, wholefood diet. If you already do this, you can tweak and refine it according to your needs. Remember, that yoga and nutrition are important, but it is also important to clean up your thoughts. Have you been dwelling on any negative thinking lately? Do your thoughts match your dreams and goals? Do the words you speak empower you in creating the life you aspire to? Set your intentions to live with good thoughts, good words and good deeds. Allow the purity to ripple out to the lives of those around you.

Virgo is the sign of service, and the sacred work. How can you serve those around you? Do you treat every person the same? Do you shine on everyone like the Sun, not discriminating in any way? This is a good walking meditation to show you where you can embody more of your soul essence, and how far you have to go.

With the Sun and Moon opposite Neptune in Pisces, this new moon will show you where you have been harbouring illusions in your life. Certain bubbles may burst, or you may realise what more needs to be done. Ask for clear vision to cut through any deception around you. Spiritual alignment occurs when you open your eyes to the truth.

The Sun and Moon are trining Pluto in Capricorn, lending a deep cleansing, karmic quality to this new moon, allowing you to gently release the pressures that have built up over recent weeks and months. On this 9-9-9 gateway, major cycles are being completed, and you may find people, situations and lessons falling away as you close those doors, ready to begin a fresh cycle. Allow this new cycle to begin with a seed of absolute purity. This is a great opportunity to let go of karma, and release what you have been carrying your whole life. Don’t be surprised if memories come up, or you revisit places and people from previous times. The past may seem like only yesterday. We are weaving through the cycles of time, and spiralling on through the beautiful illusion.

The Grand Trine in Earth with Mercury, Saturn and Uranus is allowing you to put down new roots, and create a stable base for the next phase of your journey. However, it is imperative to do your clearing first. Allow yourself to deep cleanse body, mind and spirit. Taking a Himalayan salt bath, spa, sauna; massage with cleansing oils such as pine, frankincense, juniper, eucalyptus and grapefruit; a comprehensive yoga workout; crystal meditation; earthing on beloved Mother Gaia; will assist you to find that inner seed of purity to walk forward with. The past is heavy – who needs that baggage? A new world awaits you, and it awaits each one of us, every moment. What will you bring to that temple? Will you enter in pristine purity like the servant of the Divine that you are? Will you honour this beautiful world, and offer love and forgiveness to all beings?

This New Moon in Virgo offers a bright seed of hope. Plant it well.

Katy Sophia 10.09.2018

Soul Radiance Astrology

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