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New Moon Supermoon Solar Eclipse in Cancer - Let it Flow

This New Moon falls at 20 degrees Cancer, at 02.47 UT on Friday 13 July. It is also a Supermoon, and a partial Solar Eclipse visible in South Eastern Australia, Tasmania and Northern Antarctica.

The sign of Cancer is the sign of the home, and eclipses represent new beginnings. So some kind of new beginning in the home life is indicated. The house where it falls in your natal chart, will show how it affects you on a more personal level. For example, if it falls in your ninth house, this could mean a new home abroad.

The New Moon allows you to reset your life, in the sign of Cancer which is all about nurturing, sensitivity, vulnerability, and emotional intelligence. Could you be more tuned in to your emotions? Could you open up your nurturing, caring side a bit more? Could you open your heart and allow feelings to flow, breaking down the barriers you have spent a lifetime building up?

Perhaps you have been “over mothering” and need to honour your own feelings, valuing yourself instead of putting others first. Perhaps you could be stronger in your home environment, being a leader in the realm of emotions, and being strong enough to have “me time” and take breaks when you need to.

Either way, a tranquil environment is important for this moon. Take some time to be peaceful and quiet, to meditate and dream your new life. Cancer is ruled by the Moon, and is very sensitive, psychic and prone to lucid dreaming. See what dreams come after bathing, resting and journaling.

The New Moon is directly opposite Pluto in Capricorn, so some very deep feelings could be evoked. Memories from the past, hidden information coming to light, or something disturbing could emerge. Whatever comes up for you, take the time to integrate it into your reality. We can integrate anything over time. Some deep truth may need to come to light, in order to shift your world.

The Sun and Moon are part of a Grand Trine in Water, which has been active for a couple of weeks now. This gives us a deep window into the water element, and the realm of feelings and emotions. If you take the time to meditate on this, it can help you to find your faith and go with the flow, while tapping into profound intuitions and empathic abilities. If you are experiencing a flood of emotions at the moment, the key is to let them flow, and call upon the element of water to wash your emotional body clean. Drink pure clean water, bathe in water with herbs and essential oils, and visualise the waters in your body being purified.

At this special time, we also have a Grand Trine in Earth, with Venus, Saturn and Uranus. Venus in Virgo is the priestess of health and healing, and earth medicine. She is contacting the immense power of Saturn in Capricorn, to push her creative projects forward, and find financial backing. She also trines Uranus in Taurus, which is about starting something completely new in the physical world. So now is the time to start your projects, and dream the New Earth into being. Call upon your creative resources, and enable the energy exchange to allow extra money to flow into your life.

Saturn and Uranus are about the old and the new, established traditions versus radical new ideas. Right now they are in a harmonious trine, so it is time to bring back the ancient ways that are beneficial for people and the planet, and blend them with new, clean technology and other groundbreaking ideas. Venus Uranus is quirky, and craves excitement in love. Its time to be different, to dare to live, to be one hundred percent yourself.

With Mercury in Leo opposite Mars in Aquarius, communications are passionate and fiery. This could work well in relationships, as it encourages the expression of your true heart and desires. However, in public situations such as rallies, things could get quite heated. It may symbolise the individual standing up to tyranny in society.

So the keys to this New Moon are to honour your feelings, take some peaceful time to meditate and dream, manifest new projects, and get grounded in your ideas, allowing resources to flow. Speak from the heart and don’t bottle things up. We’re all in this together, and we all have the same human emotions. Allow yourself to reset, take some layers off your heart, and feel the strength in vulnerability. Cancer is the leader of feelings and emotions. Lead by example, and bring about the new beginnings you desire.

Katy Sophia 12.07.2018

Soul Radiance Astrology

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