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Full Supermoon in Taurus 14 November Power, Transformation, Embodiment

Full Supermoon in Taurus 14 November 2016

Power, Transformation, Embodiment

This Supermoon is a Master moon, falling at 22 degrees Taurus with the Sun at 22 degrees Scorpio. This is the axis of power, transformation and embodiment. 22 is the master number and the Sun illuminates all we need to transform in the depths of our psyche, past emotional wounding, hidden fears and power struggles rising to the surface to be released and healed. The Moon in Taurus illuminates the physical embodiment we have reached at this time composed of our entire journey up until this point, our state of mind and emotions, the health of our body and the balance of our life and relationships. On the planetary level this Moon reveals just where we are in our journey of awakening and transforming the darkness. Much has been achieved; many lights are shining and many are feeling the shift; however much is being revealed and the shock of this is highlighted by the aspects to Uranus.

The Moon is trining Pluto which, like a lever, allows us to access the root of our pain and release it if we choose. We can finally see the source of the parasitic infection and the negative vortex which has been influencing humanity for so long. However, the Moon is triggering the Uranus Pluto square which has been causing upheaval and revolt around the world since 2012, bringing shocking revelations and powerful changes which are tumultuous for many. Pluto and Uranus are also in T square with Jupiter, amplifying and enlarging this energy so there is simply no avoiding it. Jupiter square Pluto makes the shadows appear larger, the monsters in the corner and the evil in the world blown up like a dark projection. Opposing Uranus in Aries means that change has to happen, the individual must awaken, rebellion and revolt will bring irrevocable shifts.

This Full Moon signifies a time of deep purging. The results of binging on junk food can no longer be ignored. Whatever toxic situations we have entertained are now too damaging to our health to continue. Our body is the sum total of all we have lived, and now is the time to transmute poisons and create a healthy foundation for ourselves. What can we put in place for our home, our relationships, our work, our health so that we can move forward from a base of solid support? This could mean taking a mineral supplement, paying attention to exercise and nutrition, taking care of practical matters, balancing the books, getting real about money and resources. Nurturing ourselves and our children, building sound foundations for the future. On a world level, there is a need to recognise which systems are broken and what bridges we need to build to regenerate the healthy structures of the planet. Mother Earth is suffering from disruption to her earth, minerals, waters, air, weather patterns, and species. The indigenous peoples, the guardians of Gaia are being pushed out and with them precious knowledge that is essential for our survival. It is not too late; as long as we recognise what is truly important for our health and the health of the planet. The question is, what is toxic and what needs transmuting?

Meditating on the full moon in Taurus can allow us a glimpse of our divinity. Taurus is the sign of divine embodiment, of creating heaven on earth. The more the magnificence of our soul inhabits our body, the more light we shine into the world and the more we raise the vibration of our environment. The more we embrace our higher self, and learn to manifest and express our true nature, the closer we will come to heaven on earth. It's up to us – we are the master magicians, we are the powerful shamans, we have the poison and the remedy within us. Let us shine for Gaia and humanity. Let us embody the reality we wish to inhabit. The time is now. The hour of mastery is at hand.

Katy Keel 14.11.16

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