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Space Clearing for Beginners

Space Clearing simply means clearing your space, and all the vibrations inherent within that space, seen or unseen. It is related to Feng Shui. When we move into a new home or workspace, the most dominant energy affecting us is something called Predecessor Energy. The energy of the people who lived or worked there before us. If they had arguments, suffered breakups and misfortunes, or their business went bust, the lingering emotional energy of this will affect our lives in a negative way. Likewise if they were happy, found love, found incredible good fortune this will positively affect us.

It is always a good idea to clear your space, as thought energies can linger like stagnant cooking smells, creating confusing vibrations. Space clearing can be done in a number of ways. Choose one or a combination of the following methods:

1. Crystals: placing crystals around helps to raise the vibration and absorb or deflect negative energy. Large clear quartz or smoky quartz work best, especially near computers, broadband routers, TVs and electrical items to help absorb and deflect electrosmog /EMF. You can also use Orgonite for this. Rosequartz in the bedroom brings in the love vibration; moonstones by the bed help with dream recall, and labradorite is a psychic protector. Selenite attracts a lot of light, and can help with meditation. Black tourmaline repels negativity. Crystal gridding is very effective; I will be writing further posts on this and the information is out there. Simply place crystals in the corners of a room, or in a grid under the bed, and intend energy or Reiki to flow through them in a grid formation to lift the energy of the space. Experiment with this and let intuition be your guide. Seasalt can also be scattered on the floor or around the perimeter to cleanse a space.

2. Smudge / Sage / Incense / Herbs / Essential Oils: burning a smudge stick is a powerful way to clear the energy of a space. Smudge is usually made of white sage, or sage and cedar which are sacred herbs in the Native American tradition, for clearing spirits and negative entities. It is great for cleansing people's auras when you are having a circle. Incense, fresh herbs, or the aroma of essential oils helps to clear the energy with sacred fragrances from the plant world, carrying the specific healing energy of the herb used. Pungent chilli and black pepper drive out negativity; soothing copal resin brings in peace and healing. Sweet scents like cinnamon attract love and positivity. Vibrational essences made from essential oils are very effective at clearing and raising the vibrations, as they are also imbued with angelic / high frequency energies.

3. Our energies: we may not realise it, but when we bring our energies into a place by just being there we change the vibration. Using our energy to clean and tidy and put things in order is great feng shui. Also keeping a positive state of mind, meditating and focusing on higher things will raise the vibration of a space.

4. Spirit clearing: specific spirit clearing techniques can be used to clear spaces in this way. Sometimes spirits get trapped between dimensions, and need assistance on their journey to the light. Burning smudge is helpful for this, combined with clear intention and prayer. Remember that God / Source / Creator is more powerful than anything else.

5. Angels and Higher Beings: you can call in your guardian angels or the Archangels to protect and clear the energy of a space. Archangel Michael on the blue ray will always arrive to protect when requested. Invite and welcome them in, and ask them to fill the space with their higher vibrations. Also placing pictures of spiritual masters or Buddhas will help to elevate the frequencies.

6. Sound, Colour and Light: ringing Tibetan bells, singing bowls or gongs helps to clear the energy with pure sound. Also chanting or toning sacred syllables brings healing energy in. Everything is made up of sound; and sound helps to clear the vibrations on a fundamental level. If you have nothing else, you can walk around clapping your hands loudly, or chant Om. Reiki practitioners can draw the Reiki symbols in the air. Visualising white light and pure unconditional love washing the whole building, and even changing the colour vibration by repainting the walls (preferably with organic paint) will transform the place. Golden light is a very healing vibration to visualise; and hanging feng shui crystals in the windows to invite in rainbows will bring much positive energy into the space.

7. The Seventh Plane: this is highest plane of existence, higher even than sound and light. The level of Pure Creation, Pure Presence, Pure Light, Pure Love. Meditating on the Seventh Plane, the Creator of All That Is, God, Source and knowing that this is more powerful than any negativity will clear the space in the highest possible way.

Have fun clearing your space, and rememer, it’s all about transforming the vibrations into something beautiful :-)

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