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Gravito, Portugal 2016

The Spiritual Eco Retreat in Portugal was just heavenly :)  An amazing bunch of people living in the most gorgeous place surrounded by lush forested valleys and mountains.  We stayed in tipis, living close to the earth; we did our yoga practice in the mornings courtesy of gifted yogini Mel Lowe Fismer; we gathered in the yurt for heart centred practices, shamanic journeying and sharing circles; we ate delicious vegetarian fare cooked by Miguel Humblet; and we talked and shared and laughed lots, celebrating a sacred fire ceremony for the Sun in Leo and full Moon in Aquarius.

Walks to the river beach in the next village, and swimming in the lake nearby, combined with lazy hammock afternoons and fireside conversation and drumming to create a sense of total wellbeing.

My soul sister Star held a school for Rainbow Children which really added to the community spirit and wholeness of the retreat. 

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