Transformational Coaching

Your life contains many elements which can be transformed into pure gold.  Transformational coaching sessions can help you maximise your potential, bringing out the positive elements and transforming your struggles into success.

As a trained Life Coach and Mentor, and Spiritual Teacher /Healer, I combine these skills in your consultation, accessing many tools to allow your brilliance to shine.

Transformational coaching on Life Purpose

I offer transformational coaching packages on finding your Life Purpose, how to align with it and work towards fulfilling your soul potential.

In a coaching session, we can look at how to create the things you want, from an intuitive perspective. What are the positive qualities, gifts and abilities you would like to bring out? Which limiting behaviours or beliefs are blocking you? Why do the same patterns keep recurring?

I can help to counsel and guide you on your journey, supporting You to Be all you can be and embody your Divinity. I work with tried and tested coaching techniques, and I blend these with divination tools such as oracle cards and astrology to shine a light on your path from a Soul perspective.  I teach meditations and simple tools for changing your reality.  Once you fully connect to your Soul, the Light within is your guide.  All things can be transformed.

  • Transformational Coaching Session

Once you have found the beginning of the Path, the Light of your Soul will show you the way


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