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Mahmoud Sasha Sufi Healer

Mahmoud is a Sufi Seer and Healer trained in Egypt by Sufi Sheiks and his Sufi healing lineage. He works shamanically with the elements and energies of the Nile, in the power portal of Luxor, with the highest Divine healing. 

How Mahmoud works

The readings are done remotely, he will need your name, your Mother's name, and a picture of you. He will give you a complete energy assessment of your life with crystal clear seeing. 

He will see the root cause of health problems, relationships issues, blocked energy in business and the home. He specialises in removing negative energy, hexes and curses which sap the life force and block the flow of abundance. 

Mahmoud will advise on healing remedies, protection in the home, energy healing and clearing as appropriate. All the work is done remotely, including cleansing your home and business, physical and emotional healing, clearing out stuck and stagnant energy and removing negative energy and attachments. He will protect your energy field and give you advice so that you can make a new start in your life. 

Relationship Readings

In a relationship reading, he will look at the people involved and see the root cause of miscommunications and problems. He will send energy to heal and harmonise the relationship, and advise on appropriate remedies. If the other person has left, he can see if they will come back. If a relationship is toxic, he will advise as to what he perceives. He works to the highest standard of ethics, working to remove blocks and obstructions, only helping those whose souls truly desire to be together. 

Removing hexes, curses, black magic and evil eye

Mahmoud specialises in removing black magic that has been professionally sent. He will remove it and block the senders, protecting your energy field and your home from further attacks. He also removes negative energy sent by people; such as anger, envy and jealousy; which can be very debilitating if your life-force is weak. Once these problems are removed, you will be free to open up to the natural flow of abundance in your life, relationships and business. 

Removing Jinn

Jinn are negative entities that are more powerful and intelligent than common entity attachments, which are much easier to remove. Jinn can be attached to your person or inhabiting your home or a building. Mahmoud can perceive the different types of jinn, how they are affecting you and how to remove them. It is important to know the difference between jinn and black magic as different remedies are needed. When they are in your home, they will sap your energy and cause ill health and relationship problems. When they are attached to your person, they can cause personality changes, mental health issues and relationship problems. It is very important to remove them correctly and it is highly specialised work. 

Cleansing the home

Mahmoud will cleanse and clear the energies in your home, which could contain old emotional energy, past traumas, stagnant or blocked energy, negative entities or jinn. He will advise on remedies and protections for you to do to assist the process. This is very important to free up you life energy, and, as in Feng shui, your home is your larger body and and the flow of energies within it affects your health and your whole life. 

Health readings

Mahmoud will perceive the cause of health problems and advise on appropriate remedies, which may include treatment with oils and herbs, incense, energy work, mantras and prayers. Sometimes the cause of an apparent health problem is energetic, and he will advise accordingly. 

Business, work & career readings

Mahmoud will perceive your current situation, and any problems in the workplace such as obstructive people and problematic energies. He will see new opportunities arising, and work to increase the flow of abundance and positive energy in your business. He can help with court cases, meetings, interviews; and protect your energy field from detrimental vibrations. 

Booking a session and pricing

Initial Reading /Diagnosis: £55

Healing sessions package: £222

Relationship healing package: £333

Business clearing /abundance package: £333

Clearing the home remotely: £195

Clearing negative energy /evil eye: £222

Jinn removal, clearing & protection: £550

Balancing the Qarin: £550

Black Magic removal: £800

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"I suffered repeated black magic attacks for seven years, which made me extremely ill and nearly killed me. It put my relationships and my life on hold, and caused major problems in my work and career. 

Since starting the work with Mahmoud, I can notice a real difference in my energy which is really very much lighter and clearer. My skin is improving greatly, after suffering terrible problems with hives and eczema. 

The trauma, fear and night disturbances are completely gone. I am now getting my life back on track. 

Many thanks for all your hard work, I am certainly feeling the benefits, thank you!  

Mahmoud is a real professional."

Kelly Christel, Doctor

"Things have been flowing smoothly since Mahmoud has been sending healing. Yesterday, I had an unusually deep spontaneous emotional mental healing of an old unfinished issue, as I went into gratitude... 

I am so grateful for all the healing It feels like the energy is really flowing through me strongly, even now.

Please thank him for me I am grateful to you too Katy, for introducing him to me."

Karuna Joy, Spiritual Teacher & Healer

Mahmoud was able to remove a jinn, through a live call, and he successfully identified and removed black magic that was sent to me from the West Bank of Luxor. He was correct in all the details of his reading. I am so grateful that I am now in a new relationship, and am feeling renewed and happy, after closing that chapter of my life.

Annalise Bignall, Holistic Business Owner

I had been to many healers who said I had black magic, or a hex, and they could remove it but they didn't help me. I spent a lot of money with no results. Mahmoud was able to see that I had jinn in my house, that were attached to the building. They followed me around, making me feel extremely ill and causing problems in my marriage. He cleared my home remotely and removed the jinn. The energy finally feels so good here, and I feel relaxed and so much better. Thank you Mahmoud for your excellent work.

Clare Tristan-Long, Web Designer

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