Egyptian Seer Readings & Healings with Mahmoud

Mahmoud is an Egyptian Seer trained in Aswan, Egypt by his Nubian grandfather. He works shamanically with the elements and energies of the Nile, with the highest Divine healing. 

The readings are done remotely, he will need your name, your Mother's name, and a picture of you. He will give you a complete energy assessment of your life with crystal clear seeing. 

He will see the root cause of health problems, relationships issues, blocked energy in business and the home. He specialises in removing negative energy, hexes and curses which sap the life force and block the flow of abundance. 

Mahmoud will advise on healing remedies, energy healing and clearing as appropriate. All the work is done remotely, including cleansing your home and business, physical and emotional healing, clearing out stuck and stagnant energy and removing negative energy and attachments. He will protect your energy field and give you advice so that you can make a new start in your life. 

In relationship readings, he can see the root cause of miscommunications and problems. If the person left he can see if and when they will come back, and send energy to heal and harmonise the relationship. 

"I have had the privilege of receiving readings and healings with Mahmoud. He works remotely and energetically, things shift and clear so quickly. He is a true seer he works with beautiful energy. Katy Sophia connects also and truthfully the two combined work actual miracles. The flow of all that happens, and the gifts he and Katy share working as energy healers to assist you is something that will take your life to the next level, if you allow it.
There is nothing to wait for get in touch with Katy now... For me, it assisted my human physical healing and my own ascension path and this is pure beauty.
I can not recommend Mahmoud and Katy enough. 
Thank you for the beautiful blessing" 
Kerry Wallace, Energy Healer & Ascension Teacher

"Things have been flowing smoothly. Yesterday, I had an unusually deep spontaneous emotional mental healing of an old unfinished issue, as I went into gratitude. It's like the gratitude unfolded like a spectacular lotus blossom, and I went into a very expansive bliss. All of the elements of the issue being held onto transmuted into pure joy, light, and sheer bliss. There is more clarity, light, compassion, gratitude...  So, I am so grateful for all the healing It feels like the energy is really flowing through me strongly, even now.

Please thank him for me I am grateful to you too Katy, for introducing him to me."

Karuna Joy, Spiritual Teacher & Healer

"Many thanks for all your hard work, I am certainly feeling the benefits, thank you!  

I can notice a real difference in my energy which is really very much lighter and clearer. My skin is improving greatly... 

Mahmoud is a real professional."

Angela Loyse

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