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Astrological Retreat Luxor

Astrological Retreat Luxor - 24 October 2022


I am thrilled to open the doors to this residential astrological retreat in Luxor, Egypt this October. This unique retreat will combine the energies of Egypt with a sound astrological foundation, and grounding in this ancient art. Classes will include meditations on the planets, lively discussion and chart interpretation. Participants will enjoy  excursions to the sacred sites, including a visit to Denderah, Temple of Hathor, Lady of the Stars. This is the site of the Denderah Zodiac, the world's oldest zodiac.

Astrological Retreat Luxor - The Foundation

The Story of Astrology

The Elements and Modes

The Planets, Luminaries & Signs

The Twelve Houses

The Aspects

Chart Interpretation

Meditations, Invocations & Journeying

On the Planets, Luminaries & Signs

Crystals, Gemstones & Oils

Their attributions to the Planets & Signs, and use as remedies

The Astrological Ages

How they relate to Egypt and the ancient world

Temple Visits & Sacred Sites

Luxor Temple

Karnak Temple

Denderah Temple of Hathor

Temple of Queen Hatshepsut

Medinet Habu

Optional visit to the Valley of the Kings /Queens

Certification: Astrological Foundation Luxor

Paricipants will receive comprehensive study materials, a recommended reading list and certificate of completion.

This course is suitable for beginners, and those with some knowledge looking to deepen their understanding


This is a residential retreat at Habu Hotel Ecolodge, on the West Bank of Luxor, in front of Medinet Habu Temple. Rooms are all single occupancy en suite. The retreat is half board, breakfast and dinner are included, the on-site restaurant prepares delicious, fresh, organic food and traditional Egyptian fare

Places are limited to 12

All enquiries:


Day 1: Arrive at Luxor airport, transfer to our residential accommodation at Habu Hotel, where a warm greeting awaits you. Enjoy a welcome drink, relax, unwind, and rest from your travels

Luxor Temple at night: our journey begins with an evening visit to Luxor Temple, lit up in splendour, as we are guided through this temple build in honour of Mut, the great Goddess of Luxor. The energies have been activated since the recent procession along the Avenue of Sphinxes from Karnak to Luxor Temple, recreating the ancient ceremony of Opet

Welcome dinner: participants will enjoy a welcome dinner in an authentic Egyptian restaurant, sample local cuisine, and get to know your fellow travellers


Day 2: Astrology Seminar - The Story of Astrology

Introduction to the Foundation Training

The Origins of Astrology - Egypt, Greece, India and the ancient world

The Elements and Modes - esoteric principles, numerology and sacred geometry

The Twelve Signs

A journey of the evolution of consciousness

Experiential learning on the signs, through guided meditations & esoteric invocations

Sufi Drumming Ceremony: enjoy Sufi drumming and dancing on the terrace to raise the energy and bless your journey


Day 3: Medinet Habu Temple

Visit to Medinet Habu Temple, the memorial temple of Ramesis III. This strikingly beautiful temple was built by Queen Hatshepsut and Thutmose III. It has many well preserved reliefs and colours still intact.

Astrology Seminar - The Planets & Luminaries

Teaching on the symbolism, astrological meanings, Greek mythology

The Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto, Chiron

Shamanic journey to meet each planet and connect with them on an experiential and soul level


Day 4: Temple of Queen Hatshepsut

Visit to the temple of Queen Hatshepsut at sunrise. This stunning temple dedicated to the powerful female Pharaoh is built on three levels, directly into the rock face, and is unique in its design.

Denderah Temple of Hathor

Our group will explore this amazing temple dedicated to Goddess Hathor, Mistress of Astrology and Lady of the Stars. This is one of the most beautiful and well-preserved temples in all of Egypt. On the ceiling of the hypostyle hall are images of the astrological journey of the evolution of consciousness, and the incarnation of the soul. You can see the great goddess Nut, the mother of Isis, whose body represents the Milky Way. We will visit the room of the famous Denderah Zodiac, the room of the resurrection of Osiris, explore underground crypts, and have the opportunity to go on the roof and see a panoramic view of the landscape. We will also see the healing pool where Queen Cleopatra used to bathe.


Day 5: Astrology Seminar - The Twelve Houses

The Twelve Houses, their associated areas of life, how to understand and work with them

Chart interpretation: planets in signs in houses. Group discussion and work on individual charts

Crystals, gemstones and oils

Their astrological attributions, and their use as remedies

Boat Trip on the Nile

The group will enjoy a boat trip on the magical Nile river, journeying to the East Bank, where you can relax in tropical gardens, partner up and work on your astrology charts

Optional excursions

Optional trips around Luxor: visit the shopping bazaars, learn how to anoint your chakras with Egyptian oils; visit the mummification museum or take a horse and cart to see the sights

Optional visit to the children at the Sunshine Home Orphanage


Day 6: Karnak Temple

Excursion to Karnak Temple, the largest temple complex in the world. Our group will be guided around this magnificent temple, dedicated to Amun Ra, the great hidden god who became merged with the Sun God, Ra. There are many smaller temples and chapels within the main complex, to Osiris, P'tah, Sekhmet, Khonsu, and many others. The sun rises directly above the altar of Amun on the winter solstice.

Astrology Seminar - The Aspects

The astrological aspects, major and minor

How to work with the aspects between different planets

Chart interpretation techniques: planets, signs, houses and aspects

Discussion and work on individual charts

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Day 7: Astrology Seminar - Chart Interpretation

Tips and techniques on how to interpret the chart as a whole. Consolidation of the work we have done

Working through individual charts with insights, guidance and advice.

Talk on Ancient Egypt with Guest Speaker:

Certification Ceremony: you will receive a certificate for the astrological foundation training in Luxor. You will need to complete case studies to continue to your learning and improve your skills

Free afternoon to relax and enjoy the ecolodge and gardens

Optional excursions to the Valley of the Kings /Queens

Farewell Dinner: we give thanks for new friends, phenomenal learning and powerful shared experiences

Sufi Drumming and dancing celebration


Day 8: Departures

Airport transfers and flights home


What's Included:

  • 7 x nights in Luxor, Egypt

  • Airport transfers

  • Residential accommodation in Ecohotel

  • Half Board: Breakfast & Dinner

  • Entrance fees to sacred sites

  • English speaking Egyptologist Guide

  • Transport between locations

  • All classes and seminars

  • Foundation in Astrology Certification

  • Talk with guest speaker on Ancient Egypt

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What's not Included:

International flights

Egypt Visa

Tipping Money

Spending Money

Lunches & drinks

Optional trips & activities

Flight info:

Outbound to Luxor

Arrival on or before 24 October midday.

Extra nights can be arranged if necessary

Return from Luxor

on 31 October


Trip Price

Early bird price: £1,099 7 x nights all inclusive

Rooms are single occupancy

All prices are in GBP

Application by email to 

Or fill in a Contact Form

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Katy Sophia - Astrology Teacher /Retreat Facilitator

Katy has been a practising astrologer for fourteen years, she specialises in ascension readings to shine a light onto your soul purpose. She has been studying astrology since her teenage years, and completed the professional diploma course at the LSA.

Katy has created her own astrology course, Intensive Astrology, which she teaches in person and online.

An energy healer and meditation guide, she finds astrology to be inseparable from the energies of creation. She has been running spiritual retreats and leading groups to Egypt for seven years. Egypt is the source of the hermetic arts, which originate from the teachings of Thoth /Djehuti.

Katy has led retreats and sacred journeys in Egypt, Glastonbury, and Portugal; she runs womens' circles and Red Tents in London; and she teaches astrology, energy healing, & feminine empowerment. A skilled and experienced astrologer, energy healer and coach, she combines multi-faceted sacred knowledge to empower and transform.

Contact Katy Sophia for a session

Let Katy guide you through a beautiful meditation with Nut, Goddess of the Stars. Connecting with Nut in the starry heavens, and the magical Nile river, allows you to manifest your dreams.

Our Accommodation: Habu Hotel Ecolodge by Tracey Ash & Mohamed Sayed

Habu Hotel is a newly refurbished historical hotel on the West Bank of Luxor, right in front of Medinet Habu Temple. This is the hotel where Howard Carter stayed, while he was on the Tutanhkamun dig. November 2022 marks the centenary of this discovery, so it is a very exciting time to be in Luxor.

The hotel has been restyled as an Ecohotel, the rooms are all en-suite, simple, comfortable and beautiful. There is a roof terrace which looks right onto the temple, and the Theban hills. There is a downstairs terrace and large garden where organic fruit and veg are grown, and various seating and dining areas.

The cuisine is traditional Egyptian, and cooked freshly on-site, with delicious organic ingredients. Breakfast and dinner are included in the retreat price, and vegetarians /vegans are catered for.

Sufi drummers and musicians are regular visitors, and our group will enjoy Sufi drumming and celebrations.

The energies here are powerful, grounding and balanced - it is an ideal place to study and meditate.

Optional Tours & Activities

There will be opportunities to meet the locals and sample Egyptian life, or enjoy optional excursions:

Visit the Valley of the Kings /Queens

Make a trip to the Valley of the Kings to see the tombs of the Pharaohs, such as the tomb of Tutankhamun, or the tomb of Nefertari in the Valley of the Queens

Hot Air Balloon Ride over Luxor

Lifting off before sunrise from the West Bank, you will experience sunrise over the Nile from the air, and see the Temple of Queen Hatshepsut, the Valleys, and the temples and sights of Luxor


Sufi Healing Ceremony

We will enjoy a Sufi drumming ceremony during out stay at the Habu Hotel. There are many Sufis in Luxor, and their way of life is peaceful, prayerful and blessed


Boat Trip on the Nile

You can take a boat trip for an hour or two up and down the Nile, stopping at Banana Island, and relaxing on this magical river

Local Cuisine & Coffee Shops

Throughout the trip we will visit authentic Egyptian restaurants and sample local cuisine, and of course Turkish coffee in local coffee shops

Luxor Bazaars

There will be opportunities to purchase high quality perfume and healing oils, gold and silver jewellery, papyrus, alabaster, and fine Egyptian cotton

Visit an Orphanage

There will be a chance to visit Sunshine Home Luxor and meet the children and fine young people there. They are always glad of a visit, and appreciate any gifts such as sweets, books or clothing

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Reviews of Previous Astrology Trainings & Retreats with Katy

I highly recommend Katy Sophia, thank you for who you are and all you do

"I feel blessed beyond my fondest dreams to have the privilege to meet, cross paths, receive and learn from Katy Sophia.

I have received so much vital and crucial information for my journey in my Astro reading. Katy has allowed me to interact and shared my soul voice, the way She reads is incredibly unique and heart centred, which I myself consider precious in the times we live.

Katy is a teacher of teachers, a powerful healer and seer. She carries precious codes of Hathor and Sekhmet, which will without a doubt impact your life.

I had readings with her, and I’m also booking coaching sessions because I trust her genuine heart and willingness to help, and I witness her going above and beyond to support me. For that I’m so grateful. 

I highly recommend Katy Sophia, thank you for who you are and all you do."

Ana Matta, Holistic Therapist

Learning Astrology with Katy has really changed my life

"I would definitely recommend doing the Astrology course with Katy as it was really fun to learn and very informative.

Learning Astrology with Katy has really changed my life. It has allowed me to learn so much more about myself, about other people and about nature.

I have learned how very influential the planets and star systems are on our lives as individuals as well as a collective.

It has been amazing! Thank you Katy. "

Charlene Henry, Holistic Therapist

Truly a spiritual ascension trip... each day was more magical than the next

“Traveling to Egypt with Katy was truly an unforgettable experience!  I was hesitant due to travel restrictions and a lot of obstacles coming up for me (flights changing, cancelling, etc.).  She called me and assured me that I was probably going to have a huge breakthrough with all of the challenges beforehand.  She was right.  I landed and the first night was an evening to a temple with a walk down the avenue of the sphinxes. It was truly a spiritual ascension trip with other healers and guides that were a part of the group.  Each day was more magical than the next, discovering temples, hieroglyphics, tombs, watching drum making, drum ceremony, meditations and getting downloads of the truth and a new reality that is possible for all of us.  We were always spotted a mile away by the guards, seeing us as healers entering the space.  They could feel our energy, some of them welcomed it and some were afraid of it.  Regardless, we each had our own journey of spiritual growth, love connection, marriage proposals, and secret adventures to locked and protected sacred sites we would have never seen on our own.  The guides she hired were passionate, knowledgeable and spiritual.  If you are going to Egypt, you must go with Katy!  It will truly change you forever and touch your heart in ways you can never imagine..."

Charissa Sims, Meditation Teacher and Healer, Colorado 

Priestess of the Goddess

A deeply empowering place that... blasted my heart wide open

"It is hard to put into words what I experienced on my journey to Egypt with Katy and our incredible group of women.  First off I had no desire to go to Egypt but it kept calling me and showing up in my world so I began my search for a retreat.  I knew that If I went it had to be a spiritual retreat that went beyond the surface level of the traditional tours. 
When I came across Katy’s website and read the incredible intinerary I immediately knew I had found my retreat.   Egypt was so much more than I could have ever imagined. It is a deeply empowering place that has awakened caged up power within me, and blasted my heart wide open.  It gave me the courage to release the things and people in my life that were safe and comfortable allowing me the space to grow beyond my fears, and false limitations.   It was the perfect way to end a year of self work.  I am new blank canvas ready to paint my masterpiece.
So if you are ready for transformation and Egypt has been calling you I highly suggest Katy and her retreat. 
I am forever grateful to Egypt and most of all the beautiful soul sisters I gained on this journey."

Amanda Beisel, Consultant

Divine Feminine in Egypt

Experiencing the Goddess on that level changes you forever

"There is no other place on Earth like Egypt! Visiting its extraordinary sites which still hold the ancient high vibrational energy is absolutely transformational.
It has been my dream since I was in my teens and joining Katy Sophia’s retreat made my dream come true.
The immersion in the ancient sacredness of the temples has been very profound for me and all of us collectively. I didn't feel like a tourist visiting another country but like a priestess returning home to the temple. It was an empowering process that clarified my connection with Egypt. Experiencing the Goddess on that level changes you forever. I came home to myself, the anxiety has dissipated, the fears burned away and my Soul surrendered and melted into the waters of the Nile, from where everything germinates and is born anew.
What was truly special about this trip was the relaxed pace Katy Sophia created with plenty of space of time for all of us to be in the temples and sites we visited. This was very important for me as I couldn't have been rushed while living such a profound connection felt on a cellular and vibrational level.
All my needs were met. Katy made sure we were all happy and the organization of the trip was exceptional and more than I imagined it would be. Having as a guide the guardian of the Karnak temple added to the learning experience and the sacrality of the visit as his knowledge comes from the ancient Mysteries School and he explained to us the iconographic representation on a deeper level.
We saw things of a breathtaking beauty, we meditated in the most beautiful sites and we sailed in the most magical river in the world.
I will be forever grateful to Katy for making this trip possible for me and if I had done it by myself I wouldn't have had the blessing of all this trip offered including very special new friendships.
Thank you Katy Sophia, LOVE YOU! ❤🙏

Nilah Veronica Massa, Holistic Therapist /Artist

Divine Feminine in Egypt

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