Sacred Activations

Sacred Activations are a series of beautiful healing energy activations which activate the twelve strands of your DNA and align your sacred geometry, while disconnecting you from collective consciousness beliefs, and clearing your genetics from ancestral patterns that no longer serve you.  They can help you to clear very specific issues, easily and quickly. This modality allows you to release all the experiences of a particular lesson, in this life, past life and genetics, once and for all.  The collective consciousness clearing is profoundly powerful, enabling you to connect into the grid of unconditional love with ease and grace.


Sacred Activations can help to:

  • Clear negative thoughts & chatter

  • Clear trauma & blocks

  • Clear your genetics from ancestral karma

  • Clear past lives and associated lessons

  • Disconnect from collective consciousness

  • Disconnect from 3D awareness

  • Connect to 5D awareness & Christ Consciousness


Sacred Activations are offered 1:1 over Zoom, in a group Zoom session or on retreat

  • Sacred Activations 1:1 Zoom Session

  • Sacred Activations Group Zoom Session

  • Sacred Activations Webinars

  • Sacred Activations Retreats

This beautiful healing modality was brought through in 2012 by Tamra Oviatt.  I was blessed to meet Tamra on my travels in Egypt, and was guided to train with her as a practitioner.  After studying it to Mastering the Masters level, I held a spiritual retreat in Glastonbury, in June 2015, giving the activations to a group of people. Since then I have furthered my training in Akashic Records readings and healings, and use the Activations in many ways.  This modality is incredibly beautiful, and enables you to progress very rapidly on your ascension path. It also works perfectly with other energy therapies.