We are evolving and changing, and we have access to higher spiritual dimensions and spiritual truths than ever before in our lifetime.  These are truly exciting times to live in. Since 2012 new energies have been flooding in more intensely, with heightened solar activity bringing light, intelligence and information as frequencies, keys and codes from the Sun.  The energy flooding through the Sun comes from the inner suns and the Great Central Sun which is the Source of all spiritual light and power in our universe. We all have access to this new energy, it is helping us to heal, grow, awaken at a rapidly accelerated rate, and we are all able to enter fifth dimensional consciousness and live as walking masters if we so choose. 

Many people have been experiencing "ascension symptoms" ranging from headaches, insomnia, excessive tiredness and sleeping, feeling overwhelmed by energies, itchy skin, achey joints, ultra-sensitive, sensitive hearing, and symptoms in all the chakras.  Our darkness can also confront us in a more sharply defined way; in these times of great light, everything is heightened and magnified. Our shadow side is our unhealed anger, fear, pain and suffering; but it is also our hidden greatness, our sleeping light, our greatest untapped potential.

As we shift into 5D, many people are still living in 3D consciousness and this can cause severe communication issues. As the Earth shifts into 4D, many people simply don't know  what is happening and need assistance and support.

If you feel you need extra assistance at this time, I can help you to navigate the changes with ease and grace.  One of the first things I recommend is activating the new fifth dimensional twelve chakra system.  This opens up your energy body and allows in more positive spiritual power into your life, sharpening your intuition, enabling healing and rebalancing, deeper understanding of the process, and bringing you closer to your soul purpose.

Serapis Bey, keeper of the White Ascension Flame
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